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WPC is one of the new composite materials, which is popular both domestically and overseas in recent years. The adoption of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl instead of the usual resin adhesives, which are mixed with wood-dust, rice husk, straw and other waste plant fiber, to be process by pressing modeling, injection or other plastic making method, finally the new building materials are made. This kind of material is mainly used in the industries of building, furniture, logistic packaging. This kind of material processed in this technology is named as WPC boards.

Main characteristics

Product Name
GW901 138x23mm hollow wpc decking/wpc outdoor flooring/co extrusion decking
WPC, wood plastic composite, HDPE, wood fiber
Anti-slip, Anti-UV, Water proof, Anti-rot
Normal package, plastic package, carton box...
Standard size
2.2m/2.4m/2.9m/3.6m/3.9m or customized
IPE, Red wood, Cedar, Teak, Grey, or customized
One 20ft container could load around 800-900sqm.

Why Are Composite Board Regarded As Market Drivers

wood plastic composite material is based on the high-density of HDPE and woodiness fiber, which endows it with both the characters of plastic and wood.

1) Easy processing
WPC was composited by fiber and plastic. Therefore, it owns the similar processing character with wood. It can be sawed, nailed, planed and all those processing can be done by common woodworking tools. Meanwhile, the nail-holding power is obviously superior than other composited material. The mechanical performance is also better than wood material. The nail-holding power is3 times of common board and 5 times of the planed board .

2)Outstanding strength
WPC contains plastics, which gifts it good elasticity modulus. Meanwhile, with the fiber component fully mixed with plastic, it owns the physical mechanical characters of hardwood compression endurance as well as bending endurance, thus the endurance of it is much superior to the normal wood. The surface hardness of WPC is normally 2-5 times of the common wood.

3)Water resistance, corrosion resistance and long-lasting
Compared with the natural wood, WPC and WPC products are high acid-resistant, water-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Moreover, it is never bacteria growth, no moth-eaten and no fungi living. It is long lasting for a more than 50 years’ lifetime eco friendly wood-plastic composite from recycled thermoplastics.

4)Well adjustable performance

With additive, plastic will be polymerized, foamed, solidified, thus changing the density and strength of the WPC. Meanwhile, it could also satisfy the anti-aging, anti-static and flame retardant requirements.

5)UV light stability and good color

6)The biggest advantage of WPC is reusing the waste and 100% available for reproduction. All material can be dismissed and no “white pollution”. It is one true green environmental friendly product.

7) Wide raw material sources
The main plastic material for wood plastic composite material is high-density polyethylene or polypropylene. Woody fibers can be wood powder, grain husk or other wood fibers. Meanwhile, a small amount of additives and other processing agent are needed.

8)Various shapes and sizes can be produced as required
With the development of wood plastic composite material, the main plastic raw material for WPC making, is not only high-density polyethylene or polypropylene, but also PVC and PS. Moreover, the processing method is changed from single-screw extruder to the second generation of conical twin-screw extruder, then by the initial parallel twin-screw extruder granulation, and then by tapered screw extruder, which can change the plasticity, aging, creep, single color and poor resistance and poor tensile strength characteristics.

China Wpc Decking 25 Years Warranty

Manufactured using only the highest quality materials and components, our composite wood decking is built to last and boasts a 25-year limited warranty for veranda decking warranty.

UV-protected with a polymer capping around all four sides, the deck boards are designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate, whilst also resisting mould, mildew and fading.

The polymer capping also boasts anti-slip properties, making NewTechWPC a safer alternative to natural timber and certain other composite products on the market.

Tongue Groove Composite Flooring

he process of joining two objects together through the tongue and groove method has been used in cabinetry and tongue groove composite flooring for centuries. While there are a couple of different techniques to this approach, it basically refers to any boards with a groove along one edge and a ridge on the other.

This allows boards to lock together like puzzle pieces to make one flat surface. The design of tongue groove composite floors makes them ideal for many applications, and it’s especially popular in the flooring industry. It can be used for decking but is typically reserved for covered porches and small outdoor patios.

Unfortunately, dozens of manufacturers label decking as tongue and groove when it’s actually geared towards hidden fastener systems. The most popular applications for tongue groove composite floors are exterior siding and interior walls and porches.

Disadvantages Plastic Decking

1. Beautiful and elegant nature wood grain texture and touch with easy installation,thus can meet various requirements of customers.
2. Can be shaved,nailed,drilled and cut to fit accessories in different specifications.
3. Mildew proof,resistant to rotting and splitting.
4. Acid-and-alkali-resistant,corrosion resistant,moisture-resistant and pest resistance.
5. No painting,no glue,low maintenance.
6. Anti-slip,fewer cracks and wrap,barefoot friendly.
7. Good weather ability,suitable from -40°C to + 60°C.
8. UV resistance,and durable.
9. Dimension stability against moisture and temperature.
10. Environmental friendly,fully recyclable and on other hazard chemical.
Plastic wood modern decking contains no timber, nor any plastic! It's totally non-porous - meaning it doesn't absorb moisture, making it more stable than traditional decking or composites, & is highly stain resistant, spills won't penetrate the surface!
Because  composite waterproof sheet decking contains no timber fibres, there are no sugars to host mould or algae! The non slip decking covering is perfect for pools, beaches or wet areas where regular timber (or composites which typically contain timber or flour) will rot & decay over time.
The best price plastic decking offers the highest Anti-Slip Rating available in Australia - P5. Safe for young feet - You will never get any splinters or grain lift - ever!  The low cost deck material is hand-moulded from original timber, then hand-coloured to recreate the warm authentic look of timber.

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