2×4 Composite Decking | Plastic Wood 2X4X8 Lumber Decking

Why Choose 2x4 composite decking? Natural colour. Slip resistant; guaranteed to last; Low maintenance; beautiful finish; Buchner resistant; fire resistant. WPC Decking creates an area where you can sit and enjoy your deck as time passes by. WPC decking has taken the United States by storm and now available throughout Australia.

Wood plastic composite (WPC) - 2x4 composite decking made of 50%wood fiber and 50% PP, PE, or PVC resin together with specialized ingredients, imported pigment, and anti-UV material. Its application and promotion contribute to the earth ecological balance, achieve the harmony status between human beings and the earth. Product processing goes through material mixing, granulating and extrusion to ultimately become a new type of high technology involved environmentally friendly construction material.

NewSuperWPC 2X4 Redwood Plastic Composite is different from traditional wood plastic composite decking / WPC decking. Compared to traditional wood plastic composite / WPC decking, bamboo plastic composite is stronger, more durable and more green without sacrificing beauty or functionality. Bamboo plastic composite has nearly twice density, strength and durability than wood plastic composite / WPC decking.

Plastic Wood 2X4X8 Lumber Decking

Product Description
WPC Decking Hollow Domestic Grade Composite Decking Board
WPC Wood Plastic Composite Material 
150x25mm,150x35mm,157x22mm,200x24mm,200x25mm,or customized
Material Component
30%HDPE(Grade A Recycled HDPE)+ 60% Wood fiber component + 10% chemical additives
Original Wood,Dark Grey,Middle Grey,Light Grey,Black,Dark Oak,Brownish Red,Chocolate or customized
Surface Treatment
Sanding,Natural Wood Texture,Matt Brushing,3D Embossing,Small Grooves+Smooth,Wide Grooves,Smooth
High strengh,low wear and tear,no deformation
200M2 per design & color
Service life
15 years,Dimensional Stability
FSC, CE, ISO 90012008, SGS
Requires no painting, no glue, low maintenance.
We use PE film and wood pallet & panel to package.

Features of 2x4 composite decking:
1. Green ecology, innovative technology, Lifestyle
2. Elegant natural wood grain texture and touch, with wood scent
3. Elegant and detailed shape design
4. Resistant to cracking and splitting
5. Anti-water and moisture, acid, alkali and pest resistance
6. Environmentally friendly and no other hazardous chemical
7. Safe to use for many years
8. Low maintenance and never needs painting, but also can be painted
9. Carpenter is oriented and friendly easy installation and Quick to install saving on labor costs
10.Structural product available
11.UV resistance, fade resistant, Durable
12.Dimension stability against moisture and temperature

Types of 2X4 Composite Decking

As popular as this style of lumber is, it can be difficult to locate when you’re looking for full-size deck boards. You are also limited from a material standpoint to a degree, so there are two options to choose from with natural wood and 2x4 plastic lumber decking.

2x4 composite bender board made from natural wood are easy to track down locally or online. Finding the size you need, and an acceptable shipping rate is a different story, however. There are several species available as well, although Pine and Cedar are two of the more popular options.

There are also a handful of companies that specialize in producing composite boards with a tongue and groove profile. While these manufacturers are few and far between, the ability to use synthetic white 2x4 composite boards may be well worth your time. If you’d like to learn more about either of these materials, check out our decking guide.

Why Are Wood Composite Board Regarded Market Drivers

NewTechWPC exterior decking boards are available in an extensive range of colours. From traditional teak, to Hamptons tones, to an ultra-modern ‘charred wood’ finish and beyond, you’re sure to find a colour which complements your vision.

Distributing in UK for over 5 years, we have developed a reputation for excellence and are widely considered UK’s most trusted recycled bleach bottles decking boards suppliers.

Our high-quality composite plastic interlocking decking boards can be found in homes and businesses across the nation. We are proud to have worked with various schools, local councils and resorts, including some of Australia’s most iconic brands.

Timber Plastics Composite Decking Color Names

With new colors and treatment, Our composite modular outdoor wood deck and  co extrusion decking gives it a attractive appearance and more natural looking. For the colors, we have IPE, LIGHT GREY, TECA, LIGHT IPE, RED WOOD, DARK GREY, ETC. For the tensile tile strength, we have really good result for its test. With maximum strength 4.23 MPa, the profile is seperated. The outside layer is still there with the core.
Below are some photos with close looking of the co extrusion for your reference. If you need any samples, please feel free to contact us.

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