Product Description

With the pursuit of personalized home, the traditional floor seems to have been unable to meet the needs of people. As a result, the performance of green DIY decking has a simple color, unique personality of the young consumers to install the first choice. And is entering people's living space.

In breaking the traditional road, independent innovation is a very good change factor. Through the promotion of environmental protection, resource conservation, BAUER environment, and promote the concept of health, DIY wood flooring has become Shanghai seven real industry is an important product. Has a unique after-sales service.

Compared with the traditional floor, the new green DIY deck material can not only solve the waste of materials, but also a good resource conservation. New building materials not only does not pollute the environment, but also to protect the environment, but also to your family more environment friendly.

Choose environmental protection diy floor materials in the construction field has become the mainstream material. The use of environmentally friendly building materials, not only solved the problem of environmental pollution concerns, but also to achieve the rational use of resources and recycling, architectural design and construction tend to be more perfect. DIY floor is based on environmentally friendly materials to create a good living environment and a harmonious green home.

How To Build DIY WPC Decking

First of all, this is your own can achieve! This project is a very easy thing to do. Can give full play to your personal ability. Why build your own deck? Build your own outdoor diy wpc floor and you can save a lot of money! And can learn a lot of things, fully demonstrate your personality.

Installation Of DIY WPC decking Steps:

1. Develop a program.

(1) to measure the size of the need to build the site,

(2) the material is ready to ensure adequate material

2. Make sure that the construction site is flat so that the surrounding chute can be at the same level and that the support frame is secured.

3. The material size calculation is good, and cut good.

4. Start the installation, so that each wpc decking to fully occlusal, maintaining the perfect combination.

5. The corners of the plates are sealed in a plastic shell. Avoid accidental injury to the body.

Installation is complete, you will find that in fact wpc diy decking installation is still easy. You can relax and have fun. Of course, materials have different colors to choose from, to fully meet the needs of different customers. Diy wpc flooring installation, on the one hand so that we bring a different style, on the other hand to protect our environment. No regular maintenance is required. To our lives has brought convenience. This is what we have been pursuing the direction.

DIY Durable Composite Decking

There are lots of advantages of diy durable composite floor material compare other types of flooring. these advantages that have lead to the rapidly popularity of composite floor for home decoration applications.

Currently composite floor material have many options and size in the market ,such as solid, hollow ,in order to make into you favorite style ,you can choose you reasonable type and size. meanwhile composite floor can designed with a variety of wood grain, it is difficult to find in traditional wood. you can simply choose the grain dimension that match your specific preference of composite wood and that is easily suit you home's decoration style.

Composite Floor Application:Garden, Lawn, Balcony, Corridor, Garage, veranda, Pool&SPA Surrounds, Boardwalk, Playground and so on .

DIY  Decking  Characteristics:

1. With high density,high strength and good looking.
2. Anti-corrosion,anti-crack,anti-deformation and anti-slip.
3. Non absorbent,effectively prevent the decay and damage.
4. Easy to install, clean and maintenance.
5. Advocating environmental protection,back to nature.
6. Creating beautiful and comfortable environment.

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