Product Description

Wood plastic composite flower box also called plastic wood flower box, is made of recycle wood material, is often used in the construction of the garden landscape, can play the segmentation of plant space, increase the depth of the landscape. Wood flower can also provide conditions for the growth of some plants. wpc is a wood and plastic combination.So the wood plastic flower both solid wood appearance and have plastic moisture-resistant, durable, anti-corrosion, anti-insects and other advantages, environmentally friendly, beautiful and practical.

The Characteristics Of Wood Plastic Composite Flower Box

1, moisture-proof & corrosion-proof: wood-plastic flower box in the damp environment will not rotting, can replace the wooden flower box in some humid places to use.
2, termite resistance: wood plastic flower box due to the special nature of its material, as well as plastic material can effectively prevent termite, extend the life of flower boxs.
3, plasticity, good processing: wood plastic flower box can be planning, saw, drill, the surface without painting, can be customized according to consumer requirement, designed a simple and full of personalized shape, can be maximum to meet the individual requirements of consumers.
4, selectivity: wood plastic flower box have different color and shapes. Users can customize the color and texture according to their preferences.
5, fireproof: wood plastic flower box material containing flame retardant ingredients, in case of fire can self-extinguishing, fire rating up to B1 level.
6, green & environmental protection: wood plastic flower box pollution-free, chemical substances in line with the European environmental protection materials standards.

NewSuperWPC is WPC flower box manufacturer. According to customer requirements of different sizes, different styles of products.

Wood and wood plastic flower box has the same processing performance, nailing, drilling, planing, sticky, smooth and delicate surfaces without sanding paint and wood manufactures, without sanding, painting and reduce the cost of late cost, giving customers more choices.

WPC flower box features

1. plastic wood flower box with a fireproof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, resistant to moisture, It will not be moth-eaten, not long fungi, acid, non-toxic, non-polluting and other excellent performance. Long life, heat molding, high strength, saving energy.
2. plastic wood flower box unique technology to cope with a variety of specifications, size, shape, thickness and other requirements, which also includes a variety of design, color, can be painted according to personal preference.
3. plastic wood flower box abandoned natural wood defects, such as cracking, warping, color and so on, so needn't regular maintenance.
4. plastic wood flower box can be customized and less wear and tear, you can freely customize the length and area, thickness and so on in accordance with the needs of users and projects.
5. plastic wood flower box is recyclable material, with requirements of circular economy, after removal can be secondary processing, the effective protection of natural resources.

wood plastic composite flower box

Our company has a very rich experience in manufacturing plastic wood flower box, the produce flower box has good evaluation in terms of work, has very high practical function, particularly noteworthy is that the company's production of wood plastic flower box selection new green material, safety and no pollution, environmentally friendly, customer can be assured.

Wood plastic composite flower box in recent decades as the new eco materials, raw materials manufacturing technology are the latest achievements in science,the manufacturing technology is used european advanced synthetic materials production, superiority quality assurance made out of the wpc flower box, have various color; production of raw materials, the use of wood flower box is the development of synthetic materials, contains the features of wood and plastic, after many detection countries, confirm the material safety and no pollution components, and these materials on the structure and function has good characteristics, both wood texture and contains the advantages of plastic, what's more abandons the disadvantages wood and plastic.

Green and durable wood plastic composite flower box is good option for customer, Especially there are a lot of people love to build a flower box in backyard, it not only beautiful flower but also eco friendly.

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