Can you give me a price on all your WPC Decking?

Reason why, is that because we are a Construction company and while we quote alot of individual clients, we would like to get started on using you're products,
But can only do so if we have the best price.

Also how long does it take to receive the product after placing the order?

What are you're minimum orders requirements?

  • Client: Tertius Le Hanie
  • Date: 05 Aug 2022
  • Country: South Africa
  • Product Demand: WPC Decking

Dear Tertius Le Hanie ,

Please check the attachment, this is our regular quotation of WPC Decking.

Shipping to South Africa generally takes 20-40 days. Our production cycle is generally 15-28 days. So I recommend you to book in advance.

In addition, I suggest that you best buy a 20-foot container each time, and the wpc decking is about 700-800m2. If it is less than this quantity, it will increase the cost, because the shipping cost is relatively high.

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