Thank you for the response.

Is this type of decking normal WPC or is there Capped /co-extrusion type as well? you say that solid type is stronger than hollow type, in which ways and why offer different one then?

Which one is the superior one that is best. For each profile and type Do you have chart with testing showing Bending load, Flexural strength, impact resistance, Heat distortion temperature, thermal expansion and water absorption etc.?

Does your product have testing certification and comply with CE,ISO,EU and fire standards etc.? all relevant standards needed for export purpose

You are correct that we our current business type has no bearing to this however we would like to start this type of product as a range – could you give more detail on what is all needed to do a successful deck installation as well as all parts needed etc. as i understand that it is not just the decking boards but also require other profiles to do a whole new installation.

In regards to warranty does your company fulfil and stand by it and offer support etc, this is very important for business relation as well.

  • Client: JP Beukes
  • Date: 18 February 2021
  • Country: South Africa
  • Product Demand: Co-extrusion Decking
Thanks for your prompt reply.
Yes we also have Co extrusion decking, please find attached our catalog, and this is the superior one.
Please find attached the catalog of our Co extrusion decking.
If there is a lot of people in some public places, such as squares, then we recommend using solid ones. If it is used in home garden or balcony, then we recommend using hollow ones.
Attached are some of our certificates with different tests,for your reference.
Also please find attached the installation instructions,kindly check the details.
We provide 5 years warranty for the standard decking, and provide 10 years warranty for Co extrusion deckin. During the warranty period, under the premise of correct installation and use, if the boards has any cracking or deformation, we will provide new boards replacement for free.
Would you like to see some samples first?
Any further questions,please let me know.

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