I really like the composite cladding products. I like the other ones too but I bet by the time I pay for shipment they will be more expensive than what I already use. The cladding looks really competitive and very unique. There is only one product here in america that has these. How would I go about ordering? Lets say I like the NS-150H16 and would like 2000 feet of it. How do I get WPC wall panel to america?

  • Client: Mykel
  • Date: Tue, May 17, 2022
  • Country: america
  • Product Demand: wpc wall panels

We can ship by sea. It is the best value for you to purchase a 20ft container quantity of wpc wall panels.
I can arrange transportation to the nearest port for you, and then you can find a local freight forwarder to help you clear customs and arrange transportation.

Do you know the nearest port to you?
I can ask you about the shipping cost. If you don't know the nearest port, you can give me your address and I can check the nearest port to you.
When we confirm the port, I will send you a full quotation including shipping.

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