Wateproof WPC Wall Panel Will Become Mainstream

A new type of environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite products, its waterproof, high environmental protection and other features of the main points of the product based on the market. Wateproof WPC Wall  panels after entering the domestic market is attract consumer attention, with consumers the awareness of environmental protection continue to enhance, wood wall panels in the future the market will also become the market mainstream products.
WPC wall panels, according to product name ,we know wpc combination of wood and plastic, not only maintain the feeling of affinity for wood panel, but also has good moisture-proof, wateproof, fungistatic, anti-static, anti-moth, etc. performance wood products is the use of wood chips, straw, waste plastic and other waste to produce a series of wood-plastic composite materials are gradually entering the field of decoration and building. WPC wall panels into the building materials industry will become new direction, with waterproof, environmental friendly advantages.
For consumer, wood wall panels are energy-saving and environment-friendly products, not only can control harmful emissions, but also be able to do prevent the ground waterproof.
For designer, this new wood plastic panel materials, have natural affinity of wood, and a model, a variety of colors to meet the designer novelty, difference of design requirements.
For decoration company, easy to install, can be significant savings in material costs during the construction, labor costs and cost schedule. Duration advantage can improve the rate of successful project vote, while there are more opportunities to undertake other projects in advance, for enterprises to win more benefits. Product waterproof, moistureproof, corrosion, deformation characteristics can greatly reduce the cost of maintenance services after the completion of the project.

Since the wood plastic has many unique high-performance, wide range of applications in the home decoration industry, for example, wpc wall decorations, wpc ceiling, ceiling decoration and so on. NewSuperWPC as wpc wall panel bespoke manufacturers, economical and eco friendly wpc wall panel for many years, product sales more than 100 countries.

NewSuperWPC WPC Wall Panel
Now WPC wall panels are used new type of decorative materials in home decoration, wpc wall panel look like wood ,but compare with wpc ,wpc more economical and environmentally friendly.

WPC Wall Panel For Interior

WPC wall panel has a natural wood color and appearance , but also combines the many advantages of wood materials, the price is much lower off than wood materials. in recently year ,wpc wall panel has rapid growth.

Now people pursue the original ecology, pollution-free, economical and environment-friendly home life, and therefore wpc wall panel become popular in the market.

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