Wood Plastic Outdoor Flooring

Wood Plastic Outdoor Flooring

With the development trend of wood plastic flooring market, more and more users choose to use wood plastic outdoor flooring to replace the traditional wood flooring. With the upsurge of consumers increasing. Wood plastic flooring market by the unprecedented pursuit.

Wood plastic flooring can make you feel there is a significant difference. A WPC deck surface will never be boring. Has a gorgeous appearance, can at least fifteen years outdoors without maintenance. The result is a warmth for your whole family. The appearance of a variety of colors to meet different customer needs. WPC flooring is incredibly affordable. As a result of this comparison, WPC is better option than wood. When you are outdoors with such a beautiful, durable deck, why not choose wpc outdoor decking?

In China the best supplier of wood plastic outdoor flooring is NewSuperWPC Industry Co., Ltd. Professional outdoor wood-plastic floor production and sales. Our products are exported every year more than 100 countries and regions worldwide, domestic and foreign customers by the praise. The main application areas include home garden, outdoor plaza and other large outdoor areas. Choice of outdoor wood-plastic floor always uphold the conservation of resources, the concept of environmental protection. We look forward to working with you!

Waterproof Wood Plastic Composite Flooring

In recent years flooring has become more and more people are pursuing Eco, we know that waterproof wood plastic composite flooring is a popular product material, it has a wood appearance, low price and powerful performance can widely use for outdoor.

Use of wood plastic flooring 100% environmentally friendly materials, the performance is higher than wood, durable and strong than wood, and it is waterproof, can replace the wood can not reach the field. Waterproof wood plastic composite flooring can be applied to areas including outdoor plaza, family garden and other fields. not only with the appearance and lines of wood, look like wood product. But also anti-corrosion.

Installation of wood plastic composite flooring Note:

1. Keep the installation floor flat.

2. When installing, measure the size of the material.

3. Floor splicing gap size, according to the wood-plastic floor installation of the environment temperature and humidity, floor length, floor moisture content, as well as the laying of the specific circumstances of the area to determine.

Our waterproof WPC floor with 5 years quality assurance. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

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