Wood Plastic Flooring Factory

wood plastic flooring factory

NewSuperWPC Outdoor Wood Plastic Flooring with its unique advantages of the characteristics and huge market prospects make it the most mainstream of the future of decorative new materials. Outdoor wood plastic flooring perfect solution to the pursuit of natural and green building of the dual needs of outdoor decoration materials of choice.

Outdoor Wood Plastic Flooring Materials Have A Variety Of Special Properties:

1, good weather resistance, waterproof, anti-corrosion, high temperature, acid and alkali.
2, an excellent decorative effect, the surface texture with solid wood texture, and anti-skid wear, a comfortable feel. Color adjustable, and long-term use does not fade.
3, the construction is simple, with good physical properties, easy to install, low labor costs.
4, easy maintenance and cleaning, a late installation without maintenance, cleaning is simple, wipe and wipe can be washed, and outdoor long service life.
5, the price is moderate, compared with other materials can be recycled, greatly reducing the cost of install.

our company factory has more and more public outdoor landscape areas project, including wetland parks, landscape gardens, tourist attractions, commercial real estate and plazas and other choices of wood plastic flooring as the outdoor landscape plank road pavement, has been an increasing number of customer recognition.

non slip outdoor flooring

Non Slip Outdoor Flooring

Want to let the outdoor is not slippery, choose to install outdoor non-slip floor. With this belief, take action immediately, your outdoor living area should be an extension of your home, another comfortable place for activities. From the patio, deck need enough to make your outdoor environment become more perfect.

Non Slip Outdoor Floor Of The Quality, Durability

We can guaranteed floor quality, durability. Moreover, its maintenance performance is very low, u needn't spending too much time. It is not only wear-resistant, and can withstand a long time humidity and temperature changes. Similarly, it is easy to clean and maintenance, making it ideal for installation in the outdoors, against outdoor bad weather. In addition to durability, it can be designed into a unique, excellent shape to meet our needs, of course, this is very cool.

The Ideal Alternative Product

It can meet all of these outdoor environmental requirements and can reach the extent of traditional materials cann't reach, it can make and wood general shape. These different designs for different customers, Therefore, it is worth product for the outdoor space use non-slip floor, is a good choice, when you want your garden to become more beautiful or replace the traditional wood floor is a good substitute.

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