Wood Decking Pavement Of Roof Garden

Roof garden wood flooring

Roof garden wood flooring pavement should pay attention to the following three issues: not to undermine the original waterproof layer; drainage to smooth; bearing to meet the structural requirements.

Roofs have generally been waterproof, so the keel can not be fixed directly with expansion screws and roof connections. Generally we will keel made of frame structure, so as to improve the stability. in Shanghai Bund Peninsula Hotel roof garden using 95 * 45MM preservative wood keel.

The roof has a slope, we can be in the pavement combined with the slope of the establishment of drainage channels, the channel should be able to clean up to ensure its patency.

Try to select the relatively high performance indicators and more lightweight profiles, the Shanghai Bund Peninsula Hotel roof garden profile is the back of the three arch profiles: 140 * 23MM specifications, weighing about 3 kg of per meters.

General roof garden wood flooring are completely exposed, very severe sunlight exposure, in addition to the production profile to add a larger of anti-UV agent, the pigment must be inorganic mineral powder, so that it is not easy to fade.

Composite decking manufacturer supply product popular main reasons is inexpensive is low maintenance, waterproof, termite and UV resistance.

Appearance:Composite decking has a traditional timber appearance, with a long lifespan ,need minimal maintenance.

Color: Composite decking can make into any color, Meet the needs of individual customers.the most important is composite decking non-fade.

Shape: composite decking can made of the size of the customer needs, providing products customer private tailor.

material : composite decking material made from 60% wood fiber/bamboo(Professionally treated dry bamboo/wood fiber),35% HDPE (A Grade Recycled HDPE), 5% chemical additives (Anti-UV agent, Anti-oxidation agent, stabilizers, colorants, anti fungus agent, coupling agent, reinforcing agent, lubricants...etc.)

house application: composite decking widely use in home decoration,such as bedroom, bathroom,kitchen,balcony, terrace,roof and so on.

outdoor landscape application: park ,open-air corridor,Holiday Parks Decking, Theme Park Walkway Decking.

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