Wholesale Interior Decorative Wall Panel

NewSuperWPC  for all kinds of plastic wood products, the material is used with 50% wood fiber and 50% of PE after polymer composite modified with double screw extruder of high temperature and high pressure extrusion molding, it has the main characteristics of plastic and wood, can replace the plastic and wood on many occasions, for serious shortage of wood resources of country, has great value of development. This product after polymer modification technology, have what features ?

Wholesale Interior Decorative Wall Panel Have Several Major Features:

1, natural, environmentally friendly and safe.
2, corrosion, mold and decay proof, termite invasion.
3, improve the stability of the wood, the protection of outdoor wooden structures are more important.
4, easy to paint and coloring, according to design requirements, to achieve beautiful results.
5, high environmental protection, non-polluting, can be recycled
6, to meet the design requirements, suitable for indoor and outdoor, is an environmentally friendly and healthy materials.
7, the material water absorption about 0.2%, have good water resistance performance, not only good chemical stability, but also have high hardness.

Installation Wall Panel Process Needing Attention:
1, wall panel material cutting and drilling
2, the installation of plastic wood wall panel materials
3, when plastic wood material installation keep some gap

Use wholesale interior decorative wall panel process , according to installation of wall panel environmental temperature and humidity, reasonable adjust, avoid cause unnecessary trouble.

NewSuperWPC is specialized in the production of various types of wood plastic materials for many years, the products are very popular in the market, and exported to different countries in recent years, our company sale wood fiber composite wall panel, WPC decking, fencing and other products become hot sale product in building materials market, we have always insisted the quality of the first purpose, flexible production and processing, according to customer supply dimensions, colors, size process, we offer best service, complete installation plans and technical guidance.

Wood Fiber Composite Wall Panel Manufacture

WPC plastic wall panel use plastic and wood fiber as the main raw material, the use of advanced processing technology, products can 100% recycled, composite wall panels are waterproof and weather resistance characteristics, is an ideal alternative to replace wood material, WPC not only make full use of waste wood and plastic, but also reduce environmental pollution.

Wood Fiber Composite Wall Panel Benefit

Composite wall panels has the same processing characteristics of wood , can be sawing, drilling, nails, very convenient, it use the same wood as usual. have waterproof and wood texture features of wood plastic composite, outstanding feature making it into very corrosion outdoor waterproof building materials. therefore is good material application in outdoor , saving lots of wood resources.

At last if you want to know wood fiber composite wall panel product detail or related product information, please contact us as soon as possible .

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