White PVC Fence For Farm

Our white pvc fence for farm is to use spray embalmed, with a large selection of high quality PVC special vulcanization additives , unique formula and professional production technology with independent intellectual property rights, product compared with cast iron, wood, stone and other common rails, with anti-aging, corrosion resistance, high strength, no rust, beautiful and elegant, long life, low maintenance and other advantages.

Our company produces white pvc fence for farm material are similar to plastic doors and windows, but the performance is much better. It is special PVC profiles as a main component of a composite material. The main material components imported from abroad, to ensure fence have high strength and weather resistance, because PVC is an excessive toxic, harmless, energy and recyclable green materials. buy our products customers is worry about PVC fence will be yellow after long-term use , in fact, this product is not change into yellow, because fence joined the large number of imported light, heat stabilizers and UV absorbers.

At the same time, steel and other outdoor white PVC fence of products, can also become dirty; but given water and dedicated cleaning materials. Also a soft brush or alkaline cleaning. Avoid scratching or rubbing with a hard object on the surface of the fence. It will not crack, not peeling, insects control. pvc material is self-extinguishing, fire source is removed, the fire that is self-extinguishing.

At last we have different width and height white pvc fence for farm , what's more we also have picket , privacy and semi privacy fence panel , if you want decoration garden , balcony or outdoor landscape , pvc fence is affordable and economical material .

First of all, for the ordinary fence often easily break , our company's PVC fence to take a technical innovation. from original material option, prevent from breaking provides a good guarantee. Thus PVC fence in the function compared to the ordinary fence to prevent bending broken, long-term use of the role of crisp. This has been the best proof of the user, many cities in the use of such products greatly felt when the stain resistant pvc fence panel brought convenience.

Second, the stain resistant pvc fence panel have flame-retardant properties have excellent performance. This is mainly manifested in the following aspects:General materials encountered combustion will occur when the fire performance, but the green fence as long as the fire that is extinguished, the general fence due to full of a large number of waste plastics, will issue a pungent taste and toxic gases. The pvc fence will not happen this phenomenon. In the material on the pvc fence as a result of the use of PVC resin produced, non-toxic, harmless,belong to environmentally friendly profiles.

Stain Resistant PVC Fence Panel Features:

1. PVC fence panel using high-strength PVC extrusion of raw materials, connecting parts using PVC injection molding raw materials. Smooth surface, touch, bump will not hurt.

2. Does not rust, do not need to paint, corrosion resistance, so greatly reduce the cost of routine maintenance, thus avoiding the pollution of the environment.

3. PVC fence styles are different , can satisfy different consumers demand .

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