Wear Resistance Interior Wood Plastic Floor

Wear resistance interior wood flooring
combines the advantages of plant fiber and plastic, a new wood-plastic composite materials, can replace traditional wood, it is a green, environmentally friendly renewable building materials.

Wood Flooring As a new material, mainly used for home decoration. This material combination made of solid wood and plastic, there is moisture, insects, etc., with discarded plastic, as well as wood chips, straw and other materials.

Interior wood plastic floor is made in the production process generated lignans added after granulation equipment made of recycled plastic wood-plastic composites, extrusion group then made floor. Now application in the home decoration, landscape, park and other field.

Interior Wood Plastic Flooring Why Popular?

1. Wear resistance: interior wood plastic floor wood floor more than ordinary wear resistance and durability, and the characteristics of having a long lifetime.
2. Waterproof and non-deformed: wood floor has no cracks, no swelling, no deformation characteristics, no late repair and maintenance, easy to clean, saving the latter part of repair and maintenance costs.
3. The formaldehyde-free: Wood Flooring with high environmental protection, pollution-free, zero formaldehyde, pollution-free characteristics, making quality wood floor far exceeds European standards E0 grade rating.
4, Recyclable: wood flooring products can be recycled, greatly reducing the deforestation of forest resources, while completely eliminating waste flooring environmental pollution.
Finally, for consumers, wear resistance interior wood flooring is a good choice for home decoration, NewSuperWPC of interior wood plastic floor can be personalized design, to fully highlight the personality style. If you needed, please contact us.

In recent years the majority of consumers will selecting the wood floor when home renovations, nonskid cheap interior composite floor is very popular in the market ,  it both solid wood flooring foot feeling and wood texture, to overcome the natural wood floor "defects", not only the intensive use of timber resources and reduce wood material waste, and protect the ecological environment , will bring a low carbon lifestyle to you family .

Nonskid Cheap Interior Composite Floor Advantages

When you select the floor first consideration should be the product of environmental protection and water resistance performance, the traditional wood floor not waterproof , over time will wrap, meanwhile moist environment easier for bacteria to breed, waterproof and non-slip floor let composite floor is not split and deformation, interior composite floor the main component of plastic material and natural fibers. Compared with traditional wood, WPC biggest advantage is a large contribution to the environment, does not require paint to avoid indoor air pollution, in the life of the product exceed 20 years, after use can also be recycled.

Nonskid Cheap Interior Composite Floor Maintenance

As we all know interior composite floor also needs maintenance, due to composite flooring  is more wear-resistant product, usually as long as normal cleaning it, not special maintenance, and wood floors, because they do not wear, it is easy to lose luster surface, it is necessary regular waxing. in addition composite floor is green ,healthy and non-formaldehyde products are environmentally friendly in residential decoration materials.

Finally nonskid cheap interior composite floor is durable and uv resistance,with high stability, anti-corrosion moth has a strong advantage, if you want to decorate the house, composite floor is an affordable option.

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