Waterproof WPC Wall Cladding

Waterproof wpc wall cladding not only used in bedrooms but also in the bathrooms. However, wood plastic wall cladding is preferred over other cladding materials ,wood plastic cladding is water resistant and is easier to maintenance and clean therefore it is more widely used in the interior and external. the wpc wall cladding gives you an option of different textures, colors and styles so wood plastic cladding is the best choice for house decoration and outdoor building .

Waterproof WPC Wall Cladding Features

1. wpc wall cladding have different categories and can be option according to the requirements of the customer. wpc wall cladding is budget friendly , easy cut and install .It is fire resistant,durable; has a smooth surface , look like wood appearance ,but life more than wood 20 years .

2. the wall cladding material with fire, moisture, termite resistance, no formaldehyde, flame retardant, easy to maintenance .

3. reusable and environmentally friendly. Decorative effect close to solid wood, a good solution to the shortage of resources now solid wood decoration waste of resources. wpc wall cladding use wood fiber, to improve the utilization of timber resources. Thus, to achieve a good environmental protection.

Waterproof wpc wall cladding is not only used on the external walls but has become very popular on internal walls also. it is easy cheaper and faster to install, very easy to clean as it can easily be wiped and needs no expensive maintenance cost .

With the improvement of people's environmental awareness, use wood fiber and recycle material wood plastic wall panel to be popular choice, the wpc wall panel to meet the needs of consumers to protect the environment, while recycled interior wall panel materials will also have a broad development prospects, including wood plastic wall panel is such a new environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite products, which is mainly in production Lignans high density fiberboard process generated, Added after granulation equipment made of wood plastic composites, Then extruded panels made of wood.

Since wood texture wall panel have two characteristics of both plastic and wood , making it an excellent performance and very durable indoor and outdoor material. WPC wall panel plasticity and widely colors, specifications selectively large, can be moisture-proof, water-proof, sound-absorbing. wpc wall panel easy to install, can be significant savings in material costs during the construction, reduce the cost of labor costs .product waterproof, moisture, corrosion, deformation characteristics of the product can greatly reduce maintenance costs.

why use recycled interior wall panel materials:

1. waterproof, anti-skid, fire retardant
2. The sound-absorbing, anti-static
3. wear resistance, high stability
4. light weight, easy maintenance
5. The sound is strong, acid
6. wear compression, acid
7. will not crack, aging and deformation.

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