Waterproof Synthetic Teak Boat Decking

If you have recently need to install a new boat or yacht decking, learning about waterproof synthetic teak boat decking can be very beneficial to help maintain your boat decking. first ,rot-resistant properties made it an attractive material for boat deck. second ,The texture, color and appearance of decking has come to be representative of high-quality boat construction, and it is a very popular boat decking option. three. the synthetic boat deck material is also recyclable. it can be reused it the creation of new synthetic teak. With material costs and environmental issues, coupled with the ease of installation, substitute synthetic teak deck is worth considering.

Waterproof Synthetic Teak Boat Decking Material features

1. The authenticity ---synthetic boat decking products look naturally beautiful, with natural wood textures

2. Security --- synthetic boat decking have a "long-term use in the water", high strength and water resistance, impact resistance, and other characteristics.

3. Stability --- synthetic boat decking is anti-aging products, waterproof, moisture, corrosion, effective flame retardant, weather resistance, aging resistance and insulation energy-saving, long-term use changes in weather patterns large outdoor environments, without deterioration, not brittle, the performance is not bad.

4. Unique --- mixed with wood fibers with polyester material heating fusion injection molded without the use of materials containing benzene, formaldehyde, cyanide and other harmful substances, eliminating the decoration pollution, no maintenance and conservation, pollution, pollution-free, and has a sound-absorbing energy-saving features.

5. Comfort --- soundproofing, insulation, anti-oil, anti-static.

6. Convenience --- low maintenance, easy installation and easy construction.

Waterproof synthetic teak boat decking material is a green alternative product for boat , if you buy boat decking please contact us , we will supply most profession product and first class service.

NewSuperWPC as a professional marine boat deck manufacturer
, the current production of marine boat deck have customers from all over the world, in order to allow customers to better hold the deck of the ship, extend the life of the boat deck, we should be regular maintenance, so when using boat deck what's need to avoid, what is the right way to maintain it.

1. The deck of the ship to avoid contact with sharp, hard objects.
2. If boat deck damage , please timely repair.
3. If you do not use the deck of the ship, especially in winter, to be placed ashore.
4. Do not long-term water inside the boat deck.

How To Maintaining Marine Boat Deck

In order to keep your boat deck in good status, please following maintenance measures are recommended.

1. Wash the marine boat deck with ordinary fresh or salt water without cleaning agents in order to prevent pollution.

2. Make a soap solution mix of 1% soft soap in a bucket of warm water.

3.Take a soft brush and scrub the deck, exerting light pressure on the brush, across the grain of the wood or make rotating movements,make boat deck more clean.

Marine boat deck manufacturer supply an effective way of removing the contaminants from the deck without damaging the deck. if you have any questions about maintenance? please contact us.

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