Outdoor Swimming Pool Composite Floor

As we all know the wood floor for swimming pool is easy rot and crack , use the wood floor you need lots of time to maintenance and clean it , in order to solve this problems , composite floor application solution the traditional wood floor all problems, widely application in different field also including in outdoor swimming pool composite floor . Due to composite floor with affordable price and durable features make it very popular in the market.

Buy Outdoor Swimming Pool Composite Floor Advantages

NewSuperWPC is profession composite floor manufacturer in china, if you buy our product you will enjoy :

Durable: composite floor unlike other floor materials, composite floor is rot-resistant, warp-resistant, splinter-resistant and fade-resistant over time.

Affordable: In addition to being a less expensive alternative to wood and some other floor types, with long life and waterproof advantages, meanwhile reduce the your maintenance and repair expense.

Stylish:composite floor comes in a variety of colors and style can be option, you can choose you favorite style, at the same time our company supply private customer tailor , to meet the different needs of customers.

Waterproof wood floor board is new material, at the same time overcome the wood floor all the shortcomings, our wood plastic composite floor board widely application in Balcony, patio, terrace, bathroom, hall, sauna, swimming pool, courtyard, gardens, and other wet areas, therefore it also can be application in seaside and dock , at present we already build distributor in different country , meanwhile we also look for distributor , agent and dealer .

Waterproof Wood Floor Board Features:

1 green: natural fiber polymer composite materials, free of preservatives, formaldehyde, toluene and other harmful substances, in line with
Indoor decoration materials limited release formaldehyde standards;

2 character design: natural wood surface design, creating a casual elegance atmosphere ; modular structure design, various colors can be combined a variety of color patterns, to meet the environmental landscape design in the pursuit of various beautification effects;

3 superb performance: waterproof ,non-slip, no deformation ,crack and fade, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, weather resistance (-60 ℃ / 50 ℃), anti-static ,anti-moth and mildew, wood plastic composite floor board feel comfort and barefoot friendly , the effective life more than 20 years;

4 easy installation: can be cut,nail,saw, module installation and removal tenon structure is simple, maintenance-free, easy to clean and care, is an excellent DIY products.

Waterproof wood floor board combines the advanced materials technology and beyond fashion design, is the best substitute for wood and plastic products, if you need free sample or product information please contact us .

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