Sound-absorbing WPC Wall Panel

At present, we are very familiar with eco-board, environmental health, is good option for house decoration , However, sound-absorbing wpc wall panel are to all the sound field all the stringent requirement , wpc is good sound-absorbing decorative materials.With sound-absorbing, environmental protection, fire-retardant, moisture-proof, anti-mildew, easy clean and cut , construction is simple, high stability, good impact resistance, low cost , there are a variety of colors to choose from, to meet the different styles and levels of sound-absorbing requirements. Commonly used in conference rooms, cinemas, music rooms and so on. To the role of sound-absorbing insulation.

Cinema as a place to have strict control of the sound, wall panels of the decoration design of course can not be ignored, in addition to environmental protection and fire safety considerations, the most importantly, the sound effect and gives the ultimate effect, select high-quality sound-absorbing wpc wall panels can make you far away from noise .

Sound-absorbing wpc wall panel have two type : interior and outdoor , have lots of size and color can be option , weather resistance ,durable and uv resistance , with cheapest price , if you interest in wpc wall panel , please contact us or leave message ,we will contact with you very soon .

Pressure treated wpc wall panel is made largely from recycled waste materials , is an earth friendly product , If you house or other place and you're thinking about replacing the wall panel , we have a lot of great options to choose from.

WPC wall panel is a wood alternative product, while more expensive than wood, but retains many of wood's benefits. such as wood grain and textured , In addition to adding warmth to a room or building, meanwhile it is durable and weather resistance ,it is a good choice for house decoration and outdoor building .

Pressure treated wood plastic composite wall panel may well be the best choice of all for your needs. perhaps natural wood is often more attractive, but pressure-treated wood is more long life and durable. In addition, it is low maintenance you needn't spend more time to clean and maintenance it , if you live in a location with hot weather , wpc wall panel will not crack and fade.

The pressure treated wpc wall panel It's extremely waterproof and weather resistant . It's a great option for you , if you need contact us directly, we will supply best product and service for you .

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