Sale Wood Plastic Patio Railing

Do you want to make your patio more attractive? NewSuperWPC sale wood plastic composite patio railing not only make your house more beautiful, but also can increase your house value. the product life expectancy more than 20 years, so it very durable and long life.

First , good product. wood plastic patio railing is good product replace wood , life ,cedar or other railing , meanwhile our company sale wood plastic patio railing widely application ilife,such as balcony , terrace , garden , outdoor and so on , railing Besides giving protection, it adds beauty to the home or outdoor, which directly has an impact over the value of the home.

Second : safe. wood plastic composite railing as home decoration , the main reason for stair railings is to prevent people from falling off the stairs and injuring themselves. we can make sure our railing durable and strong , will not crack and fade over time.

Third , eco friendly. wood plastic railing without painting , will not produce formaldehyde , at the same time it use wood fiber and recycle material , therefore after use can be 100% recycle. so it eco friendly and earth friendly.

Fourth, widely color and size can be option. we sale wood plastic patio railing in order to meet different consumer choice , supply all kind of color and size , if you have other require, we also supply private customer tailor .

At last ,wood plastic patio railing is weather resistance and uv resistance product , if you buy that or want to know more information , please contact us , we will answer you all questions.

Wood plastic board and other wood products has a strong corrosion resistance, and even wood plastic board in the outdoor endure sun and rain, it will not easily rot, crack or shatter. In addition to wood plastic board and other wood plastic board also provide UV resistance, no special maintenance.

The wood plastic board most advantages is low maintenance ,although they don't need too much maintenance ,but It is important to follow all instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure that the materials are well taken care of.

Wood Plastic Board Cleaning

① pollution caused by mold, mildew, berries and leaves : the use of sodium hypochlorite containing detergents and cleaning agents.
② Rust Stains : choose an oxalic acid cleaner. This will remove the rust without causing damage to the plank. .
③ oil pollution: Once contaminated, it is cleaned with a cleaning agent containing degreasing agent.
④ Most pollution Use Soap, Water and damp cloth to scrub can be removed.

Wood Plastic Board Maintenance

① regularly using the tool profiles debris removal at the gap, to ensure smooth drainage.
② regular vacuuming or sweeping the floor to prevent the accumulation of sand and other hard objects scratch the surface of the floor.
③ avoid sharp metal, glass, tiles, spikes and other hard objects device to scratch the surface profile.
If you according to wood plastic boards cleaning and maintenance method , Your wood plastic board will be well maintenance.

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