Plastic Lumber Co Extrusion Floor

Because plastic lumber co extrusion floor have barefoot friendly, long life, durable and waterproof, easy installation advantages , it popular by consumers from different country, more and more consumers choose co extrusion floor .

Plastic lumber co extrusion floor is the best alternative to wood products, which overcomes the wood flooring and laminate flooring afraid of the water, formaldehyde and other harmful substances shortcoming, play an important role of conservation of forest timber, It can be widely used in home decoration and outdoor space, especially the kitchen, bathroom and other easy to slip places .

Install Plastic Lumber Co Extrusion Floor Note:

1) Co extrusion floor installation base surface leveling, highly configurable plastic lumber keel according to the installation.

2) In general, plastic lumber co extrusion floor keel span of no more than 33cm requirements when installing and using a single floor at least three keel. Keel span depends on the thickness of the floor, in the case of hollow floor, the wall thickness should also consider the size, the thickness of the floor directly affect the keel of the span, the installation in strict accordance with the manufacturer regulations.

3) Durable stainless steel self-tapping screws is the preferred installation profiles; screw lengths with different thicknesses vary, generally screw driving keel depth 20mm length , on the basis calculated screw , do not over tighten the screws.

4) Plastic lumber floor matched plated fasteners make it installation easy, supplied fasteners and screws, fasteners will naturally make the formation of a gap between the two floors, do not squeeze the fastener to narrow space, floor to prevent split up .

Finally ,if you plan to decoration your house , you can choose wood plastic composite flooring, according to your budget, you will have a variety of different styles of flooring to choose from.

Since the kitchen is an easy to damp, have lots of stains where the kitchen has always been used is easy to clean tile, but ceramic tile one drawback is that people feel more cold. And tiles compared to tiles than water resistant kitchen flooring panel foot feeling better, feel more comfortable. meanwhile the kitchen is very easy to damp places and slippery , wood plastic flooring tend to be more effective to prevent skidding and more secure than tiles.

As we all know kitchen floor is very humid, ordinary wood flooring, once moisture enters, it will cause a crack, rot, corrosion and other phenomena, damage to life of wood floor. Thus purchase of wood floor for kitchen, be sure to choose a good water resistant kitchen flooring panel. When the install floor can save a lot of time and installation costs.

Choose Water Resistant Kitchen Flooring Panel Reasons:

• Unique attractiveness
• Durable and stronger with high quality
• Dimensionally can according to user requirement
• Resistant to moisture and waterproof.
• Environmentally friendly with preservation of natural forest resources
• Fireproof

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