Park Wood Plastic Composite Material

park wood plastic composite material

In some parks, you can often see all kinds of plank road, they are mostly made of wood, but the installation of a new wood plank road after a few years will occur insects, rot, wood is a perishable material, Long-term sun and rain more easily damaged. And most of the wood plank half soaked in water, half exposed on the surface of the water, so that the moisture received heavier, the service life is shorter, and thus must be a comprehensive maintenance work, otherwise it will cause a security accident, next i will introduce a new material for park : wood plastic composite.

The use of wood plastic material for park made of plank road both wood and plastic properties and characteristics, can replace wood and plastic new composite materials. Even in the outdoor wind and sun, wood plastic material will not rot, fragmentation or crack, in addition to the ability to resist ultraviolet rays, wood plastic plank road management is very easy, as long as attention to the daily cleaning, not Need special maintenance, longer life and more secure.

Wood plastic material also known as environmentally friendly wood, is not a natural wood material, but by the mixture of plastic and wood pulp produced a new type of material, the use of mold molding, so the production process is not limited by the source of wood, Of the creative, it is worth mentioning that the last one environmentally friendly wood plastic, which is made by the square tube of wood plastic material, is the most high-end stage of the wood plastic way. Another because of its use of the main material for the recycle material, so the use of trees is relatively reduced a lot, and the use of wpc for outdoor,don’t have any non-corrosive phenomenon and it also fireproof.

So wood plastic composite is an Ideal for park, if u need know more information or get free sample can contact us directly.

Plastic Wood Material

As we all know that the current market is no longer promote use of solid wood floor. Because it wasting our forest resources. So now most popular is both green and environmentally friendly plastic wood material, very consistent with the re-use of resources, health and environmental protection requirements, as well as the pursuit of circular economy, to promote the purpose of low-carbon environmental protection development, a new type of green materials - plastic wood material. At present use of wpc flooring has gradually been the strong support of the relevant state departments.

Plastic wood except having flooring texture of wood, but also with moisture proof, waterproof, anti-moth and other characteristics, can be widely used in landscape, pavilions, outdoor, backyard and other places. plastic wood floor life is several times the ordinary wood, the color can also be adjusted according to customer requirement.

2010, the Shanghai World Expo on the use of a large number of plastic wood material. Participate in the Expo plastic wood landscape design and laying the construction of the relevant staff said that the previously used for landscape design materials are mostly preservative wood, because of it anti-corrosion, but preservative wood process contains heavy metals, which will be causing the water pollution. But now use plastic wood materials will not have such trouble.

With the awakening of the consciousness of environmental protection, the idea of replacing a traditional wood with a new type of material such as plastic wood will become a reality. We hope that more people to join us, to promote environmental protection, to resist waste pollution. More plastic wood product material information, pls visit our product page.

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