Outdoor PVC Lawn Fence

Currently lawn fence divided into wooden fence, bamboo fence, Iron fence and pvc lawn fence four categories. Wooden fence, bamboo fence and wrought-iron fence its poor environmental performance, high cost, high maintenance costs for their own reasons gradually fade out of the market of fence, Outdoor PVC lawn fence become more and more popular , at the same time pvc fence life is wood product 3-4 times , therefore is good product replace other material .

Outdoor PVC Lawn Fence Application

"Pvc fence has better strength than wood, not only taking into account the strength and aesthetic properties of the steel. but also with bright colors, smooth surface, high strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, anti-static, no fading, no cracking, no brittle of the advantages to become the most decorative effect of the product , applied to different areas, such as outdoor, gardens and parks, residential courtyards, and so on.

High Quality Outdoor PVC Lawn Fence should have the following characteristics:

1: rich color, soft, smooth surface, good texture, strong toughness, not fad ;
2: easy to install, many different specifications, different styles as you choose ;
3: life is more than 20 years ;
4: weather resistance: -60 degrees to 50 degrees ;
5: cheap price, overcome the shortcomings of wood ;
6: eco friendly and maintenance-free: no rotted, non-corrosive, non-fading, does not require routine maintenance, don't pollute the environment ;
7: no paint , after many years product look like new , relieve your fatigue and trouble of maintenance, the lowest overall cost.

High performance pvc fence is widely application in our daily life , such as house decoration , balcony , terrace , garden and outdoor landscape ,why pvc fence so popular , because pvc fence long life ( more than 20 years ), eco friendly , surface smooth , safe and weather resistance , have rich color can be option , can meet different customer needs .

Pvc fence with unique formula, special anti-UV, anti-aging and high stabilizer and high performance , to ensure that the appearance nice, do not fade, not crack and never need to painting, maintenance, the product life more than 20 years, having touch smooth , green, concise shape characteristics that can be embellished architectural appearance, make your environment more warm and comfortable.

Pvc fence has easy installation, high strength, pollution-free, corrosion-resistant, low maintenance, easy-cleaning, etc., suitable for industrial and, institutions, municipal, roads, parks, apartment, schools and other places. Product export to different countries , with affordable price .

Finally , high performance pvc fence use special PVC profiles as a main component of a composite material. ensure fence sufficient strength and weather resistance. PVC is a non-toxic, harmless, energy and 100% recyclable green materials.

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