Natural Wood Appearance Wpc Wall Panel

wpc(wood plastic composite ) wall panel has a natural wood appearance ,widely application in public buildings, leisure center,offices, holiday parks, theme parks etc.

Our wpc wall panel product is produced from polyethylene polymers and recycle material. The result is have natural look timber that can weather resistance, and beautiful traditional appearance of wood and long lifespan makes NewSuperWPC wall panel to be the best choice for new or replacement wall panel material.

Right now wood plastic wall panel is an ever increasingly popular choice for finishing the outside of commercial and domestic buildings. the wpc wall panel have natural wood appearance ,multiple color, and excellent waterproof, durable and lightweight features, to be a attractive and economical product, at the same time wpc wall panel provides a hard-wearing, protective layer against the elements and is an excellent insulator.

Natural Wood Appearance Wpc Wall Panel Advantages:

1. looks and feels like natural wood and its unique formula provides lightweight yet durable wall panel.
2. will not splinter, warp or rot
3. long life more than 25 years life expectancy.
4. eco-friendly , not contain formaldehyde.
5. low maintenance and easy to install.
6. uv resistance,will not fade with over time.

Outdoor building wall panel use wood plastic composite materials, make the building look natural and simple appearance, can resistance all kinds of bad weather, fire-retardant and anti-corrosion, easy to install. Whether in the production process or in the engineering practice, will not pollute the environment and can be 100 % recycled, it is the ideal green decoration outdoor materials, meanwhile is economical option for you .

1.Outdoor Building Wall Panel Of Visual Effect

WPC external wall panel appearance of wood grain design, with simple natural beauty, variety of different colors can be option . Other quality can be combined with the use of wall panel decoration materials, changing the style of composition, gives a perfect visual enjoyment.

2. Anti-Aging, Excellent Weathering Resistance Performance, Long Service Life

Outdoor building wood plastic wall panel using a highly efficient, long-lasting UV stabilizer consisting of a special composite material, anti-aging, anti-radiation, can resist all kinds of climate, under the influence of natural weathering can look as new, far away repaint renovation and other troubles, so that once and for all from your maintenance.

3.Can Be Combination With Insulation Board , More Energy-Efficient

Wood plastic composite outdoor building wall panel and insulation board perfect combination, hanging board can be very easy to install inner wall insulation materials, so external wall panel insulation with excellen performance,the insulation affect in the process and cost savings at the same time become more prominent .

At last , shanghai NewSuperWPC dedicated to the export trade, every year our clients from different countries of the world, we offer the lowest quote, the best products and services.

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