Low Price House Decoration Floor

WPC as a new environmentally friendly industry get more and more attention In the development process, social members of the environmental protection requirements are also getting higher and higher, wpc is new eco friendly wood material, low price house decoration floor and outdoor floor rapid development in the field of decoration , On application to predict wpc eco-friendly materials in the future will replace the current commonly used wood in home decoration ,has become one of the key directions of development.

WPC Floor Introduce

After market development in recent years, major national engineering and construction of scenic spots can be seen more and more widespread application of WPC products, wood plastic composite, by definition, is a combination of wood and plastic, both to maintain a sense of affinity for solid wood flooring, but also has good moisture-proof ,waterproof, anti-static, anti-moth properties,It is an innovative cooperation of wood plastic composite and floor industry ,Use of sawdust, straw, waste plastic and other waste to produce a series of wood-plastic composite materials are gradually entering the field of decoration and building.

Low Price House Decoration Floor Advantages:

1, environmental performance: Eco-wood, green wood, renewable, not contain dangerous chemical ingredients, formaldehyde, benzene and other will not cause air pollution and environmental pollution can be 100% recycled recycling after use .

2, the appearance of texture: the appearance of a natural wood texture. Good dimensional stability than wood, will not fade, warp, deformation, the product can be made into a variety of colors, surface without painting .

Wood floor generally refers to solid composite flooring, engineered flooring, laminate flooring and so on, traditional wood appearance composite floor through processing has features and advantages of the wood floor, it will not split, rot and regular maintenance, very easy to install, the floor will not fade and deformation, features ,maybe the composite floor beginning price may be higher than the wood floor, but in the long run, composite flooring is an economical and practical choice.

Traditional Wood Appearance Composite Floor Advantages

1. good durability, composite floor through processed thickness about 18mm, strong and durable. Before many of the old houses are widely use wood floor, over time it will have fade, rot features, meanwhile, need lots of time to maintenance.

2. the health and environmental protection, there is not as our family decoration materials unpleasant odor stimulus generation, are natural materials.

3. safe and comfortable, soft, comfortable , very suitable for people to walk on , is barefoot friendly product.

4. traditional wood appearance composite wood floor can uv resistance and weather resistance , the product can stand high temperature of 60 degrees, low temperature resistance of -30 degrees.

5. nice, because the composite floor have widely wood grain , size and color can be option, lightweight and long life.

Traditional Wood Appearance composite floor is the use of different species wood fiber, both have composite flooring stability, but also has wood flooring aesthetics. composite wood flooring has good flexibility, warm and comfortable for home decoration, giving a sense of return to nature, if you want to buy floor please contact us as soon as possible, we look forward to cooperation with you.

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