Low Carbon WPC Wall Panel

We are low carbon wpc wall panel manufacturers are gradually becoming popular, it is low-carbon, green, environmentally friendly, recyclable use to conquer the hearts of many consumers, the future will replace the wood materials. wall panel both wood and plastic features, but also replace the plastic , is a new environmentally friendly high-tech materials , the wall panel low maintenance and easy install , will not fade over time .

Low Carbon WPC Wall Panel Performance:

1. the wall panel has the same processing function as wood. It can be nailed, drilled, cut, bonded and fixed with nails or bolts. The surface smooth, not require sanding and painting

2. wpc wall panel can be made into a variety of standards, scales, shapes, thickness, which also includes a variety of style, colors and products, supply customer more choices.

3. low carbon wpc wall panel waterproof, high corrosion resistance, insects control, non-toxic, non-polluting and other excellent features, less maintenance and so on.

4. wpc wall apnel use of similar wood appearance, higher hardness than plastic, long life, can be thermoplastic molding, high strength, energy forest conservation.

5. wall panel has better physical function than wood, better stability than the wood scale, no cracks, warping, no knots of wood knots, twill, can be made into different species, and thus without the need for time conservation.

6. wpc wall panel high quality, lightweight, smooth surface appearance, non-formaldehyde and other harmful substances .

Our low carbon wpc wall panel with cheapest price , life more than 20 years ,meanwhile we supply free sample, if you interest in our product you can leave your contact information,such as e-mail ect , we will contact with you later .

Do you want to make your house more attractive or more durable , minimal maintenance wood plastic composite wall panel is best option for you , why ? shanghai NewSuperWPC is wood plastic composite wall panel manufacturer , wholesale and supplier in china, we supply the most cheapest product , with high quality , waterproof and life more than traditional wood product 3-5 times .

First of all ,wood plastic composite wall panel will bring the new appearance for you house or outdoor building , in the building market maybe you have widely option for you , if you want to buy nice and lightweight product , wpc is affordable choose , but wpc not you only choice for you , you can according to you requirement .

Second , at present the wpc is the most popular decorative wall paneling , it easy install and minimal maintenance , widely application in house decoration and outdoor building , in Europe wall panel to be main house decoration material , it look like wood , have wood grain , with rich color , is an economical material .

At last , minimal maintenance wall panel very easy install, if you have enough time , you can do it yourself , if you consider using wood plastic composite wall panels , it is an economical, hard wearing, low maintenance and attractive alternative for you .


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