Long Life Span Wall Cladding

Speaking of wood plastic, I believe many people have not strange, our long life span wall cladding is one of wood plastic products category. Since the wood plastic has many unique and excellent performance, so in our home renovation industry is very popular, for example, wall decorations, floors, interior ect . NewSuperWPC as ecological wood cladding custom manufacturer, we specialized in manufacturing wpc for years , it has a very rich experience for WPC.

Nowadays long life span wall cladding is a new type of decoration materials in the home improvement , the wood plastic is wood fiber and wood powder composite materials, compared to wood materials more economical and environmentally friendly. wpc and wood has the same color and appearance, but more durable than wood, longer life.

Long Life Span Wall Cladding Applications

WPC wall cladding apply the transformation villas, multi-layer, high-rise and the old walls, regardless of the old wall is brick layer or coating, can be applied directly over the old wall. Installation process is simple and quick, almost protected from the weather. Full dry operation, solid and reliable, while saving time and labor, shorten the construction period, greatly reducing installation costs.

WPC Service Purposes

WPC always adhere to the quality of the first purpose, flexible production and processing, according to customer-supplied dimensions, colors and size, offer the best service, to provide a complete installation plans and technical guidance .

At present wood plastic wall panel widely application in Europe,As the leader in China WPC industry, NewSuperWPC selling WPC products over 100 countries and areas in the world .
1, environmental protection: Whether timber resources or steel resources are non-renewable resources, state control over them will be more strict, embodied as rising prices. Raw wood wall plastic panels using waste plastic and waste wood materials, waste recycling, free of formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals, Currently is popular among the government to promote and market.
2, recyclability: template using traditional building damaged was turned into a solid waste, increasing environmental pollution. The wood-plastic construction template can be recycled and reprocessed, which already use a damaged wood plastic wall panel can be broken into again after processing machinery in remake form a new product.
3, cycle times and more: the number of recycling wood template in 3-4 times, cycle times wood plastic wall panels used in the 25-28 times.
4, high strength: strength wood plastic panel is 8-10 times that of wood templates, you can fall without damage from a height of 3-4 meters, not deformed. Without water, non-hierarchical, easy to install wpc product.

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