Lightweight WPC Railing

WPC is through technological innovation, wood waste material recycling use and the development of alternative wood of new products. Saving natural resources, wood plastic has a natural texture of wood and wood grain , wood plastic that has both advantages of wood also has the advantage of a class of plastic building materials. wpc railing is the perfect combination of plastic and wood, wpc railing is very popular on landscape architecture .

Lightweight WPC Railing advantages

1, NewSuperWPC wood plastic containing wood flour, plastics and fibers, therefore, has the same wood product processing performance, Oftentimes the culprits are sun exposure, water damage, mildew or insect infestation. But our WPC to overcome the shortcomings of wood, wpc product is better than the material, because it fireproof, waterproof and anti-termite.

2, WPC is high-performance, because wood will not attack by fungus or pest, it long life compare with other wood product, ultraviolet light stability, water resistance, corrosion resistance, long life, up to 20 years .

Clean of Lightweight WPC Railing

Lightweight wpc railing is low maintenance, does not require periodic cleaning, in order to prevent dust accumulation or various stains after a long period, even more difficult to remove. You can use the tap wash wood railings dust, dirt, very easy to clean and maintain.

At present ,market have lots of type balcony railing, such as wood railing, vinyl railing ,iron railing, pvc fence and composite fence,compare with other type different railing, there is no no doubt that composite balcony railing is a good option.

Economical composite balcony railing can resistant to weather, strong and beautiful all these qualities are present in it. composite balcony railing designs are beautiful and easy decorative. They may easily satisfy the large of homeowners requirement .Another modern way of enhancing the attraction of the railing is the lighting system. If we buy the railing which is easy to handle and that’s price is in our range. Such as a composite balcony railing then we can use light for more impressive look. a good lighting system can make the railing so attractive that one cannot stop himself to admire the look of the composite railing that leaves a stunning effect on the mind.

As composite balcony manufacturer, we will take large amount of people ideas into account ,therefore, composite balcony railing with affordable price, at the same time have easy install and maintenance advantages, no split ,corrosion proof and waterproof features. therefore widely application in our life.

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