Installation Of Wood Plastic Railing

Wood plastic railing because of their beautiful style and color has been widely used in landscape construction, however, in the application process, due to improper installation of wood plastic railing will be a lot of problems, the following talk about the installation of plastic wood railings precautions.

Wood Plastic column are generally hollow profile, column erected in the process need to use the square tube fixed. The square tube is usually fixed in the embedded plate, and then set in the square tube of plastic wood column. Sometimes there is a square tube and the column wall can not fully contact, this time we need to use wooden wedge pad in the column inside, then the bottom of the column lock in the screw, or you can play the foam in the hole to play the role of filling.

column installation of wood plastic railing connection There are two commonly used methods: one is the reference to the wood construction to open tenon connection, this type need more time installation , but the overall good, more beautiful.

Another type of installation of wood plastic railing using the sleeve, sleeve in two, one is the outer sleeve, one is the inner sleeve. The outer sleeve connector, due to its external appearance, renders the balustrade integral unattractive and the sleeve member costly. We generally recommend inner sleeve mounting, which saves time and achieves the overall aesthetic appearance of the tenon connection.

Lightweight Composite Railing

When it come to composite product, you must think of composite floor, composite railing, outdoor fence or other, even composite product in other field application. choose lightweight composite railing is protection the environment way .

Lightweight Composite Railing, both to maintain the feeling of affinity for solid wood railing, but also has good moisture-proof water, acid, fungistatic, anti-static, anti-moth properties , meanwhile composite railing use of sawdust, straw, waste plastic and other waste to produce a series of composite material.

Composite Railing Plasticity, can supply private customer tailor simple personalized style, fully reflects the personality style. High environmental protection, pollution-free, pollution-free, can be recycled. Product does not contain benzene substance, formaldehyde content of 0.2, lower than the EO-class standards for grading European environmental standards.

Composite Railing durability: lightweight railing is one of the most durable types of product on the market; definitely more durable than real wood. and is hard to susceptible to scratches, bumps and other defects. In addition to this, the railing is water resistant and insect prevention, meaning that it can be installed practically anywhere.

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