How To Install Wood Plastic Composite Decking

How To Install Wood Plastic Composite Decking

Wood plastic composite decking is a kind of decoration decking is popular in recent years. At the time of installation in order to ensure the smooth and beautiful, there are many problems need attention. When installing the wood plastic composite decking, there are 5 steps, the first step is to clean the ground, the second step is the specific location of the decking plan, the third step is the installation process, the fourth step is cover decking, the last step is to do a good job of cleaning the decking surface.

When installing the wood plastic composite decking, the first step is to calculate the specific installation area, so as to reasonable procurement of wood plastic composite decking materials. After the area calculated, the material purchased, then the need to install the ground line, note that line is a very important, will affect the future the effect of installation. Put the line even after the fixed keel position, the position error of the keel should be guaranteed in a millimeter and the keel line after the completion of entering into the next process.

And then began the specific installation, the first decking should be fixed by self tapping screws, and then the position is smooth with level measurement, after the first decking after finishing followed by a subsequent installation of wood plastic composite decking, each decking should set aside about one mm around joints. Until the installation to the last place for the last piece of self tapping screws fixed on the bottom decking. After the installation of the surface of the sludge and debris clean up. the whole surface of wood plastic composite decking installed, also need to do pointing joint treatment can be chosen. The left telescopic pointing pulp professional, can also own blending slurry. After pointing cleaning the floor surface debris after cleaning, check pointing is smooth, not smooth for you once again pointing, then wipe off more than the latter.

Wood plastic composite decking,As the name suggests, it combination of wood and plastic, which can not only maintain the affinity of the feeling of real wood plastic composite decking, has good moisture resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti fungal and other properties, is a series of Innovation with the wood plastic composite decking industry. So in life and we use wood plastic composite decking, how to clean and maintain wpc decking?

1, Use soap, hot water, hard brush to remove dirt and residues
2, Gently wipe the imprint on the side of the wood plastic floor with alcohol or acetone
3, The use of conventional bleach containing detergent and decking cleaning agent or detergent.
4, The decking has grease stains, immediately remove the use of degreasing agents, and then rinse with hot water
5, Melt ice or calcium chloride on the decking, using Home Depot products, when the ice began to melt, wash it off
6, The use of oxalic acid or phosphoric acid based cleaning products to remove dirt on the decking, rust stains, which will reduce stains, as much as possible to remove it
7, According to the instructions on the bleaching agent, bleaching agent mixed with hot water to clean the wine stains and fruit stains, gently wipe the stain and wash with hot water
8, the use of common rust cleaning agent to remove the pollution caused by the weathering of the decking.
9. Use hot water, soap and bleach to clean the area where there is a chalk mark. The colored chalk marks are stubborn and cannot be removed, so consider using white chalk or talc on the decking
10, with hot, soapy water to remove ink stains, and then thoroughly cleaned.

At last, wood plastic composite decking is low maintenance and durable product for outdoor, overcome the wood product all shortcoming.

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