High Quality Wood Plastic Fence Material


Now the construction industry of the decoration, are willing to choose some environmentally friendly materials to replace the original material, now wood plastic fence material has become the construction industry preferred this is a new type material of high quality, environmental protection and energy saving, can completely replace the wood products, and wood fence is made of wood material produced can be the application of a lot of places such as garden, patio, balcony or some large parks, so the application of this fence is very extensive.

Wood plastic fence should be regarded as a kind of new high quality material now, this material is formed by wood fiber and plant fiber composite material production, so the quality is very lightweight and the delivery is very simple. And the manufacturers can also according to customer requirements to produce every kind of shape height, different thickness of the fence.

High quality wood plastic fence is not only waterproof and moistureproof, so it can be installed around pool or some more water in the environment, wpc not easy to decay and no deformation, some wood products can completely replace the traditional. therefore wpc materials are widely used, has become a water park. The preferred wpc fence mainly due to its special material caused, the most important is this material easy install.

What's more, wood plastic fence material will not be any fungus, life more than 15 years, can be applied to the construction of outdoor.

Wood Plastic Composite Fence Material

Wood plastic composite Fence as a low-maintenance alternative to traditional deck building materials. wpc decking is made from a mixture of wood and plastic. WPC contains 70% of wood (remains from furniture industry, bamboo) and 30% of polymer (HDPE – High Density Polyethylene). The wood content offers strength and rigidity to the decking, along with better performance in flammability tests.

Wood Plastic Composite Fence Material Advantages

It Won’t Rot -- after use many years, wood plastic composite Fence will not rot, meanwhile can weather resistance. This is the traditional timber incomparable.

It Doesn’t Split -- wpc Fence will not expand and contracts with heat and especially moisture content in the air. During the course of a year the deck , wood plastic composite Fence experiences a large range of stresses from this cycle of heat and cold, wet and dry. Over time , wood plastic composite Fence will more durable and strong than ever.

No painting or Sealing -- Annual water sealing and regular staining is the best way to help protect traditional Fence . but wpc decking doesn't need this protection, you are relieved of your regular maintenance chores and this helps offset the initial cost of the Fence .

Environment-friendly: wpc decking has certificate, which shows friendly attitude towards tropical forests.

At last , wood plastic composite Fence material is an attractive alternative to traditional wood, offering less maintenance, long service life and good color retention. wpc Fence will result in a beautiful, long-lasting surface underfoot for your interior, exterior  porches.

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