Green Eco Porch Composite Decking

Green eco porch composite decking as a new type of decorative materials in building materials market, because of the use of recycle material, saves a lot of material, and popular by the majority of consumers. Moreover, the appearance of ecological wood , without painting treatment, green eco porch composite decking construction is convenient, green, environmental protection, health products and low carbon.

Composite decking material combination of high stability , and it has good elastic modulus. In addition, because they contain wood fibers and wood powder, therefore composite decking suitable compressive strength, impact resistance and other features, and its use was significantly better than by general wood materials.

Eco Friendly Composite Decking

The use of wood as the floor coverings landscape, platforms, a great waste of forest resources, resulting in damage to the environment. The successful development and application of composite decking, the maximum extent of saving forest resources waste, wood fibers also makes the integration of higher toughness and firmness, can be repeatedly recycled, a good solution for people's enjoy natural leisure life contradiction between the pursuit of environmental protection, the composite decking is truly sustainable development new building materials .

Porch Composite Decking Advantages

Green eco porch composite decking have both wood and plastic advantages, lifelike appearance and texture of natural wood material, have good stability, not easy to crack, deformation, warpage. Anti-aging, corrosion proof, pests control , low water absorption. with Rich colors ,easy to install , whether it is cutting, planing, nailing, drilling is very simple.

As a low maintenance alternative to timber, composite decking fuses traditional wood appearance with composite technology. It's long lifespan, anti-slip surface and easy clean reasons why it is so popular for both domestic and commercial use, NewSuperWPC composite we specialize in decking options to suit everything from interior, patio, terrace, and balcony.

When it comes to considering your composite decking options you may want to consider the advantages of decking our composite decking product range which is available in a wide range of sizes, color and finish to suit different applications and tastes. Not only 100% recycled, but also eco friendly.

Alternatively, our anti-slip surface composite decking for the park , is an attractive decking solution with excellent waterproof properties. it not only easy clean, stain resistant and requires virtually no maintenance. It has been developed for the leisure and tourism industry ,and application for small decking or balcony and roof terrace.

In order to perfection our decking options, we also have an related products, like composite handrailing and pergolas. Our handrailing is supplied pre-drilled with no painting or staining necessary, and our pergolas are just as low maintenance, making use of a unique composite formula that never needs painting or staining. As with all our composite options, it is particularly durable and built to withstand even the toughest weather conditions.

For all the benefits of timber, with easy installation, take a look at our complete range of wood plastic composite decking and related products pages.

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