Green Composite Wood Flooring Engineered

Composite flooring material is an alternative to wood. due to composite wood flooring is a flooring option that uses real wood engineered with special properties such as moisture resistance and UV-resistance. meanwhile green composite wood flooring is much easier to install than traditional wood flooring. And it is often difficult to visually distinguish from other types of wood flooring.

Composite wood flooring boards provide a walking surface that is free from any visible screws or nails, producing not only have nature appearance, but also a safe option when walking barefoot. Therefore is also makes them suitable for commercial enterprises such as Holiday Parks , Verandah Decking, Theme Park Walkway flooring , where long term durability and safety are important factors. Composite decking boards have a wood composite construction with a traditional wood look, are eco friendly and barefoot friendly.

Composite wood flooring has a traditional wood appearance, long life and is UV stable. Natural timber has been used extensively for decking for decades, however over time , the surface becomes water logged, and often algae forms, making the traditional timber decking very slippery. green eco friendly composite decking overcome all shortcoming of traditional wood is an attractive alternative to using timber materials for commercial or garden decking, patios and roof top garden,

NewSuperWPC Supply Green Composite Wood Flooring Engineered Size

1.100x20.5mm / 106x 20mm /solid composite wood flooring
2.138x20mm / 150x25mm hollow composite wood flooring
3.146x30mm diy composite wood flooring
4. Co-extrusion flooring
5. You can choose the size of the composite wood panels used to construct the flooring based on your preferences since the size does not affect installation. However, you must install the composite wood floors on flat surfaces .

In short ,as a eco-friendly composite wood product , it is no equal substitute for real timber. with a growing variety of colours, styles and textures , green composite wood flooring products are becoming increasingly comparable.

Currently high performance composite floor is very popular on the market , as a new type of eco material as the substrate, product combined with high strength, high wear-resistant layer of the composite wood floor to be a new generation waterproof environmental protection floor. as we all know floor has different characteristics, use and maintenance requirements are also different. Advantages of wood plastic composite floor , to retain the natural texture and wood grain, but the wear resistance of the surface over the wooden floor.

High Performance Composite Floor Features:

1, safety and environmental protection: a variety of main and auxiliary materials used in wood power and fiber it non-toxic and environmentally friendly. formaldehyde content of wood ,composite flooring and laminate flooring comparing, composite floor can be called "zero formaldehyde floor." high performance composite floor will not produce gas or other toxic substances in peacetime or other special circumstances, in the true sense it is a green and ecological floor.

2, wear fire resistance: composite wood floor and the current widespread use of solid wood flooring and laminate flooring compared with superior wear resistance and fire resistance, complex wood floor surface with a layer hardness of more than 30,000 rpm wear-resistant, fire-resistant decorative layer, fire rating can reach B1 level.

3, nature beauty: There are a wide variety of style, wood grain and other patterns and colors for customers to choose. A variety of specifications size, suitable for a variety of floor space pavement.

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