Exterior WPC Wall Panel Wholesaler

NewSuperWPC as exterior wall panel wholesaler
supply wpc wall panel are excellent water proof and resistant to moisture. wall panel designed for maximum ecological benefits made from recycled material reduce the impact of waste material on environment. does not attract insects is termite proof unlike natural wood. but look like natural wood has different color and pattern.

For the different requirements of our customers, we are actively involved in wpc product research. right now our products are widely used in homes, offices, restaurants and other field. product using finest grade material and latest techniques to fulfill the diverse requirements of our customers. Moreover, these are offered in diverse sizes and designs for customer .

Wholesale our wpc products are presented with diverse graceful designs and patterns and add a magnificent touch to the exteriors and interiors of the residential or commercial buildings. Offered product range requires minimal maintenance and can be fast install it .

Our product have a range of wpc wall panel model . these panels are very durable strong and Light in weight ,our wall panels are termite resistant and show optimum performance in adverse use. meanwhile, these are available in different colors and unique designs.

Currently exterior wpc wall panel wholesaler from different country in the world. These panels are main used for the interior purpose of residences and offices. Available in dark colors and perfect color combination is used in these wall panels. Our products beautify the place of users. Customers have shown their continuous trust on our products.

NewSuperWPC --- as ecological economical wood wall panel manufacturer for many years, our product sell over 100 country, and build distributor in different country, our company target is make the best product for all customer, make the consumer have widely option.

1, A variety of colors can be choice: ecological economical wood wall panel decoration is a great advantage of rich color and can be personalized customized according to specific needs, to meet different customer needs.

2, Full use of resources to protect the environment: decorative effect close to the wood, a good waste of resources to solve the impact of scarce resources renovated wood agent. ecological wood flour used by the scattered wood processing can not be directly used together, increase the use of timber resources. Thus, to achieve a good environmental protection.

3, Environmental no pollution: ecological wood wall panels of the process does not discharge of industrial waste, processing of raw materials without the presence of toxic substances. Home decoration does not contain toxic substances. wall panel with it without worrying about the problem of indoor air pollution, and the formaldehyde content of less than top European environmental standards EO level standards. It is a revolutionary energy saving decorative products. Ecological economical wood wall panel is a timber can be recycling, greatly improve the comprehensive utilization of wood.

4, Easy installation with low cost: nailing, planing, sawing, installation fast and efficient, no painting, can be immediately installed, saving time and money.

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