Ecological Wood Plastic Composite Wall Panel

Environmental and ecological wood plastic composite wall panel
can bring people healthy home life, WPC is now widely used in residential construction and other outdoor applications, NewSuperWPC wood products have been profession treatment. The treated product is a sustainable, low-cost and efficient building materials, therefore, treated wood plastic composite wall panel are eco-friendly.

Material Properties Of Ecological WPC Wall Panel

1. WPC wall panel is a new kind of environmental friendly product can totally instead of wood , through scientific innovation of waste wood material recycling . While protect natural resources at the same time, not only wood plastic composite have natural wood texture and grain, but also have much performance such as waterproof, anti-slip,recycling, low maintenance, mildew proof, no pollution and easy install etc.

2. WPC wall has unique extrusion technology. Different molds can produce a variety of specifications, size, shape, thickness of profiles; it also provide a variety of design, color and grain products.

3. Due to the wpc wall panel use of raw materials and production process without glue, it does not produce formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, trichloroethylene and other harmful substance.

4. WPC producing and processing procedures are totally different from wood. It can greatly save lots of production time, raw materials and storage costs. Meanwhile, also can support temperature range from 60℃ to -40℃. It can overcome natural wood cracking, warping, stains, mildew and other shortcoming .

5. WPC is a new green environmental protection material to alternative traditional wood. New ecological wood plastic wall panel also has good resistance to weathering.

Finally, the use of ecological wood plastic composite wall panel has become a global trend, if you want a better home life. wpc wall panel is an environmentally friendly choice.

Our company insist on green ,ecological , low carbon and eco friendly concept , supply excellent product for consumer , relying on advanced production equipment and production technology, improve the quality management system and standardized and scientific production process, committed to providing customers multi-level, high-quality , durability plastic lumber wall panel .

Plastic lumber wall panels not only decorative effect is much higher than preservative wood ,and the life longer than preservative wood . From the cost point of view, although the installation cost is lower than the preservative wood, but in the long term, after install wall panel you not spend much time to maintenance it , preservative wood after install the surface need to painted, and every 2 years need repainted, either from labor or from the cost point of view, wpc wall panel much better than preservative wood wall panel. production and use of wpc, the surrounding environment will not distribute harmful to human health volatiles, the material itself can be recycled, it is a new green products, but also an ecologically composites material . at the same time plastic lumber wall panel is not only used on the external but also become popular on internal. it water resistant and is easier to maintenance and clean therefore is widely used in the house decoration and outdoor building, the product have widely color, size, style and wood grain can be option.

Our company specializes in producing durability plastic lumber wall panel , flooring, fence more than a dozen products, our prodcuct does not contain formaldehyde, no pollution. Very popular not only in China but also exported to different countries , such as the United States, Britain, Canada, Norway, Spain, Malaysia and other different countries and regions, with excellent quality, perfect service, the customer has won widely recognition and praise.

Our durability plastic lumber wall panel and related product insist to green production and scientific quality management, through the green products, ISO9001 quality management, ISO14001 environmental management certification, product quality in line and passed European Union CE, American ASTM, SGS and other relevant standards and testing.


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