Eco Wood Plastic Composite

eco wood plastic composite

Many people ask what is Eco Wood Plastic Composite?
Wood-plastic composites are still new materials relative to the long history of natural lumber as a building material. The composite materials made of wood fiber/wood flour and thermoplastic(s) (includes PE, PP, PVC etc.).

First of all, it looks beautiful, it is not wood, but its texture is very beautiful and natural. Traditional wood has scars on it, but it does not, and its have higher stability than wood, no cracks, no deformation and tilt, its color can be made into any color, do not need paint, its color will not fade over time.

Secondly, it has excellent physical properties, such as high hardness and non-slip, in the use of slip floor tiles is very dangerous, especially for the elderly and children, eco wood plastic composite material is very wear-resistant, anti-aging, not easily corroded, These advantages are other materials of the wood can't replace, it is also insulated, there is a good anti-high temperature and low-temperature resistance, whats more anti-ultraviolet.

Finally, eco wood plastic composite is a new type of material, so very environmentally friendly, have broad market prospects, whether in foreign or domestic, Although it has not been widely used in the world, its advantage is can't b replace. Will inevitably become most popular building material, its material is the use of recyclable materials, crop stalks, etc., so it can 100% recycling after use.

Low carbon composite wood material use natural wood, no pollution, do not contain harmful substances to human health, wood plastic composite flooring as well as UV-absorbing function make sure composite wood material will not fade, environmental health is a major feature of its highlights. the wood flooring with natural texture, fine structure, full of changes, nice color, strong visual sense.

Composite wood floor thickness of 16 mm or more, ensure composite wood material wear resistance, greatly extending the life of the floor, and it can be 100% recycled. Since the composite floor contains 55% wood fibers, therefore the surface of the natural feel and texture as pure solid wood flooring. Not only the surface is smooth, but also reduce the use of trees and protect the environment. Both to meet the consumer demand for comfort, also offers different styles to choose from.

Low carbon composite wood material allows creative designers who make the floor surface more beautiful, highlighting the personality on the basis of natural beauty, it not only retains the solid wood flooring beautiful, natural features, and reduce precious timber resources use.

Low carbon composite wood material can be used in a large number of indoor and outdoor, structural stability, very good to regulate their own temperature according to the climate, so that the composite wood flooring is very flexible and suitable for a variety of surface decoration. Meanwhile composite wood material also has a good insulation, heat insulation, sound absorption and other properties.

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