DIY WPC Decking

DIY wpc decking is very popular, particularly in Europe and the developed countries has been very common, early DIY floors, mainly made of solid wood, but with a worldwide shortage of resources and reduction of forest, out of environmental protection consider, solid wood floor has been banned by most countries, replaced by a new more environmental conservation plastic wood flooring material to be first choice of diy wpc decking.

Currently, diy wpc decking also popular by domestic consumers, are widely used in villa balcony, leisure deck, roof garden ground pavement ,in the physical properties, WPC DIY decking itself has high strength, slip resistance, water absorption, anti-aging and cracking, fire-retardant insulation, anti-ultraviolet, and many other features and advantages, as compared to solid wood, make up natural wood their own shortcomings and poor weather, no warpage, rot , flammable and other issues.

In appearance, with wood plastic composite deck and solid wood texture very similar, in color and may have a variety of options and color, painted surface without secondary to long maintained without fading. wood plastic composite decking has the same processing performance, sawing, planing, cutting, nailing are very convenient, simple and convenient process, construction is very convenient, it can be any shape and not influence from the construction site.

With the popularity of DIY WPC decking, WPC decking manufacturers in the production process has become more mature, the installation process is also quicker and easier, latest design bottom buckle , just a notch docking to complete the installation owners can easily complete the installation yourself, without having to pay labor costs, plastic bottom grid design, rainwater can flow into the ground, drainage and air permeability of the floor space is more quality and performance even more remarkable. Appearance is also more diverse pattern combinations freely, fully meet the people's pursuit of freedom, enjoy the fashion taste of life .

DIY WPC Decking

DIY WPC decking generally made into wood fiber , different models of wood plastic composite can also make different styles of interior and outdoor space, in addition to have variety of colors can be option. Wood plastic composite floor easy to install, can save lots of time and money .

DIY wpc decking effect is very good, not only can reflect the elegant European and American style, but also reflect the retro style, diy wood plastic composite floor can make into any colors , each color will reflect the different styles. Wood plastic composite from the shape, color, surface treatment designed to provide a humane choice, with excellent natural sensory effect. It has the characteristics of without paint, environmental protection, flame retardant, waterproof, mothproof and anticorrosive. The products of wood plastic floor have obvious heat insulation effect in high temperature season, prevent heat diffusion in low temperature season, widely used in house decoration and outdoor , durale and long life .

DIY wpc decking is the history of building materials, home improvement, another change. NewSuperWPC build distributor in differetn countries, we will supply best product and service customer .

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