Interlock Composite Wood Balcony Floor

In recent years, many consumers have chosen to interlock composite wood floor for balcony, while the use of wood floor consumer is also increasing. what's the big advantage of composite wood flooring making it popular ?

NewSuperWPC As Composite Wood Floor Manufacturer Simple Analysis Reasons:

1, Composite wood flooring can prevent the moisture into the wood floor occur swell, at the same time will not fade, warping and crack resistant , avoid traditional wood floor disadvantages.

2, The use of interlock composite wood balcony floor, entirely according to you requirements to select product favorite color.

3, Composite wood floor have highly adaptable, which can meet individual needs, so make the floor has a different style.

4, Interlock composite wood floor through pressure treated, surface smooth and can be nails, drilling, planing, sawing, of course composite wood floor can resistance termites and insect.

5, When you decoration your house,tradition wood floor have formaldehyde, not only cause interior air pollution, but also bad for our health, but if you use the interlock composite wood floor for you house and balcony , you will never worry about this problems, Because composite wood floor is environmental friendly product .

Replace Wood Floor Material
Are you use the wood floor several years, with the wood rot and split, maybe you prepare to hoose a new material to replace it, wood plastic composite is a good choice for you. Replace wood floor material must your existing wood planks and upgrade , therefore, wood plastic composite have what advantages ?

When wood plastic composite replace wood floor material, you can choose you favorite shape, color, and size, perhaps you will ask why.because of wood plastic composite plasticity , Breaking the traditional wood specifications, size, and more flexible use in any field.

If your deck ready for a makeover? Are you ready to step up to all the benefits of a beautiful, low-maintenance wood plastic composite without starting from scratch? If so, then we will supply the best product for you.


Faster Installation, can save lots of time.
Cost effective, Simple installation, construction is convenient, does not require complicated construction process, saving installation costs.
No more painting, staining or sealing , is eco-friendly material.
Adds value to your home, make you better enjoy life.

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