Composite Decking For Roof Terrace

Composite decking has a traditional wood appearance, long life, minimal maintenance and is UV stable advantages. has been used extensively for roof terrace for decades.

Composite decking is an attractive alternative to using timber materials for home decoration or commercial, patios and roof terrace. as we all know over time,ordinary wood decking surface becomes water logged, and often algae forms, making the traditional timber decking very slippery. in order to solution this problems, NewSuperWPC supply wood plastic composite decking can avoid like this all questions, because our wood plastic composite floor can anti-slip, it also has waterproof, durable and lightweight features.

If you are looking for cheapest composite decking manufacturer, NewSuperWPC is profession product supplier, our decking can nailing, planing, sawing and drilling , easy to install is an Ideal composite decking for roof terrace or DIY garden decks .

Alternatively, in order to meet consumer different options, we not only have composite decking for roof terrace, but also have an extensive range of composite related products, like composite fence, wall panel and pergola. Our fence is supplied pre-drilled with no painting or staining necessary, and our wall panel are just as low maintenance, making use of a unique composite formula that never needs painting or staining. As with all our composite options, it is particularly durable and can withstand different weather conditions.

There are many industrialized areas in the world, in these areas, sometimes have acid rain, the face of environmental deterioration. We should take measures to protect the environment, so we should choose what floor is anti corrosive? After a long period of use of that wood plastic deck prove is anti corrosive products.

Wood plastic deck is wisest choice for outdoor covering,In Europe, most of the region use wood plastic deck, because the wood plastic deck is environmentally friendly, and deck with waterproof, anti corrosive, sunlight resistance and UV resistance features.

NewSuperWPC anti corrosive wood plastic deck for sale ,have nine advantages

1. Environmentally friendly -100% recyclable
2. Saving time - easy maintenance and installation
3. Longer usage/life cycle - resistant to rot and non splintering
4. Stronger and more flexible than traditional wood products
5. High stability - color will not fade
7. Moistureproof and weather resistant, suitable from -40 Celsius to 60 Celsius
8. Green ecological, Low carbon lifestyle
9. Elegant nature wood grain texture.

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