Composite Co-Extrusion Decking Products

At this stage, environmental protection has become the theme of social development, whether individuals or organizations are calling for environmental protection. Composite co-extrusion decking with a natural atmosphere, can give people a warm feeling, so that it occupies an important place in the modern home decoration. And composite wood itself is an environmentally friendly material, and low maintenance, but also in line with the modern pursuit of environmental health lifestyle.

Composite co-extrusion decking is evolved from the foundation of the wooden decking, is new type decking. composite co-extrusion decking have three type: solid decking, diy decking and hollow decking. co-extrusion decking use 55% wood powder, the product not only retains the beautiful wood decking grain, texture characteristics, and saving precious timber resources. Surface weather resistance and uv resistance, not only have better hardness, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, and flame retardant, surface smooth and easy to clean. Its have high flexibility and thermal insulation, also totally not less than solid wood decking. Because it has all the advantages of solid wood decking, abandoned wood decking shortcoming, but also saves a lot of natural resources, in the United States and Europe have become the mainstream of home decoration decking.

Today serious shortage of wood resources, and the market for wood decking consumer requirements continue to increase, and the international advanced manufacturing technologies are emerging, composite co-extrusion decking rapid pace of development, become environmentally friendly decking mainstream products, in the pursuit of energy conservation and environmental protection today, composite co-extrusion decking will have broad prospects for development.

Wood plastic composite co-extrusion floor is good product application in outdoor , because the composite floor have durable , waterproof and wear resistance features. due to our product is made of a mix of waste wood and plastic,therefore is environmental protection choice .

Outdoor composite co-extrusion floor have same appearance of wood , it look very attractive and beautiful , can quick and easy to clean, our products also do not need to be painted, stained or sealed . It can adapt to different climates and environments, such as Africa hot weather , United Kingdom rainy , Finland cold ; the co-extrusion will not crack ,wrap and rot , it also low maintance and should not be mistaken for "no maintenance". Cleaning composites properly is required annually especially in shaded areas in order to keep in the best possible condition - this is easily done with a light brush and hose or a jet wash on a medium pressure setting. However this cleaning is all that is required .

Outdoor composite co-extrusion floor advantages as follows :

1. it has a lot of colors, it can be described as colorful, both natural wood texture and wood grain, but also according to your own preferences to choose your favorite color.
2. it can be moisture-proof and waterproof. Solve wood products after wet rot phenomenon.
3. its high environmental protection, pollution-free, is a low carbon decoration choices.
4. simple installation, you can do it yourself, it is possible to shorten the installation time and reduce install costs.
5. can also pest control, effectively eliminate the pests damage and prolong the life of composite floor.

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