Backyard WPC Floor

backyard wpc floor
Backyard WPC Flooring

The use of wpc flooring is more environmentally friendly choice for backyard, have different decoration floor can be option, solid wood flooring is naturally & healthy, but the price is very high. In fact, you can use wpc flooring, wpc flooring have high environmental protection effect, but also have very good effect of waterproof and moistureproof, so that life more than 15 years. Wood-plastic floor from the morphological aspects are also varied, the color also has a variety of categories. So to meet the needs of different families requirement, from the installation point of view, the installation process is very convenient, the floor is very consistent with the modern sense of home.

Backyard WPC Flooring Installation Note:

Courtyard wpc flooring installation is also very simple, need to pay attention to three points is:

First, the installation of certain attention can not be directly installed on the ground, to a certain height from the ground, about 30-40 cm.

Second, the choice of installation time to consider the temperature difference, and humidity and other issues, and foundation to have slope, ventilation and drainage unobstructed. Also consider the temperature, humidity and other issues.

Third, when the installation is to be compact, the interface at the bottom of the installation of a keel, in order to avoid damage to the interface or cracks and other issues. But also pay attention to the floor between the plates of the interface approach.

Do the above three points, the installation of backyard wpc floor has been basically over.
Wpc flooring in the future market is unique, it is the wood of the terminator. Is a good alternative to outdoor products.NewSuperWPC annual export wpc more than 100 countries and regions worldwide, WPC received an unprecedented favor, because it is in line with the various countries advocated by the concept of environmental protection, so the choice of wpc floor to decorate your home. Not only make your home more beautiful, more importantly, be able to protect our environment, saving our forest resources.

high quality wpc floor
in recent years the world's popular outdoor special decorative flooring materials is wood plastic composite (WPC), the use of outdoor wood preservative than the original low-cost, maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant, moth-resistant, low maintenance and easy to install. The use of customers is increasing. Many customers first use the product, I do not know how to choose high quality wpc floor materials, different quality floor products life span are different,  The most intuitive, the easiest way to tell you how to choose the right wpc floor.

Although the wpc raw materials customers don't know ingredient, the finished wpc flooring, in accordance with the following steps carefully observed, you can analyze the quality of wood plastic composite flooring is good or bad.

1, to see the side of wpc floor: good quality wood flooring side of the smooth, glossy shiny, a sense of oil-run, no small cracks. Poor quality of wood-plastic floor side of the rough, shiny dim, no oil-run feeling, and some poor elongation due to PE cracks.

2, look at the front of wpc floor: good quality wood-plastic floor front smooth, glossy shiny, wood powder particles small and uniform size. Poor quality wood-plastic floor front rough, shiny dim, wood powder particles larger, different sizes, uneven distribution. Two kinds of floor put together, the difference is obvious.

3, look at the wpc floor section: good quality wpc floor section texture tight, shiny glossy, small and uniform distribution of wood powder particles. Poor quality of the wpc floor section texture loose, shiny, wood powder particles larger, different sizes, uneven distribution, and obviously see the wood fiber.

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