Anti-Uv And Long Life WPC Floor

Currently on the market of wood flooring consumers continue to decrease, because wood flooring easy to rot , not waterproof, but also destroyed the ecological environment, so now the market appear both green and environmentally friendly, very much in line with people on resource recycling, health and environmental protection Requirements, and the pursuit of circular economy, promote the purpose of low-carbon, a new type of green materials, that is, anti-uv and long life wpc floor .

WPC flooring waterproof, can do outdoor flooring, and its long service life. The ordinary wood flooring completely fail to waterproof requirements, the life of only one-sixth of the wood plastic composite floor. After the installation of the wood plastic floor surface no obvious signs of installation, because it is connected to the installation of the floor clip to greatly enhance the aesthetics. In addition, the wood-plastic flooring does not require special post-maintenance, in particular, is in line with the current concept of environmental health, because wpc is made of discarded materials, after used can be recycling .

Anti-uv and long life wpc floor appearance, feel is similar to natural wood , can be planing, drilling, nail grip strong. according to user needs can be produced into a wide range of products; its low water absorption, Moisture-proof , not decay, Pest control ,Resistant to ultraviolet light, Not easy to deformation and can be 100% recycling and other advantages; Is a real low-carbon products.

We provide anti-uv and long life wpc floor customized products to meet different consumer needs, and we hope that we work together to protect our planet.

In life we can see the floor anywhere, it widely used in interior and outdoor, at present there are many types of floor on the market, have all kinds of different materials for us to choose, mostly made of wood, after a few years the product will rot and fade, and the wood floor is not waterproof, so you need to spend a lot of time to maintain it, wood plastic composite materials is new composite materials can replace wood and plastic.

At present our company's wood plastic composite floor export to more than 100 countries, and build distributor in different country, wood plastic floor products in addition to the texture of wood, there is the acid, moisture-proof , anti-moth and other characteristics, can be widely for landscape, gazebo, indoor and outdoor ,the wood plastic composite except flooring, also have fence, wall panel and other product . meanwhile wood plastic composite floor is several times the life of ordinary wood, the color can also be adjusted according to customer requirements.

WPC floor applications can save a lot of natural wood, help protect the environment, because the ingredients with natural fibers, wood has better resistance to ultraviolet performance and lower thermal expansion and contraction properties, and the like wood as easy to process.

Wood Plastic Composite Floor Export Reasons

1. Environmental protection , reduce tree cutting ;
2. Wood plastic composite life more than tradition 3-4 times .
3. With widely color , size and style can be option .
4. Easy care and clean , save you lots of time .
5. Safe , waterproof , anti-slip and long life .

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