Analysis Of Wood Plastic Floor Quality

At present, with the continuous improvement of living standards, rapid economic development, people's quality of life the pursuit of more urgent. Development of the flooring industry hidden huge market potential, NewSuperWPC as a professional manufacturer of wood plastic floor to seize this opportunity for development, innovation and continuous improvement of production technology, the performance of the wood plastic floor has been rapid progress.

Wood-plastic composite board is a major and made of wood (wood cellulose, plant cellulose) as a base material with a thermoplastic polymer materials (plastics) and processing aids, etc., and then mixed by die extrusion heating equipment high-tech green materials, both the performance and features of wood and plastic, wood and plastic can replace the new environmentally friendly high-tech materials, like wood and has processing characteristics, using ordinary tools to sawing, drilling, on nails, very convenient, you can use the same as ordinary wood.
NewSuperWPC wood flooring is a new type of environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite products, in production, high density fiberboard produced during the lignans added after granulation equipment made of recycled wood-plastic composite material and then extruded production group made wood plastic floor. At the same time water conserving features of wood and plastic with a texture of wood, making it an excellent and very durable outdoor water corrosion of building materials. Because wood texture two characteristics of both plastic and wood preservative water, making it an excellent performance and very durable outdoor building materials (wood plastic flooring, wood plastic fence, wood plastic bench, waterfront garden or landscape ); also alternative ports, terminals and other wood elements used, can also be used to replace the production of wood packaging, pallets, warehouse plate and so numerous, extremely versatile.


WPC landscape floor fundamentally solve the wood products disadvantage, that is,in wet and watery environment it is easy to absorb moisture, rot, expansion and deformation and other issues, WPC products can be used in places that the traditional wood products can not be used in. Besides, it could effectively prevent insect harassment, to extend the service life. It has features of no crack, no expansion, no deformation, no wood thorns and less maintenance, so it is easy to clean and saving the latter maintenance and repair costs. In addition, WPC landscape floor is pollution-free, 100% recyclable, it can be produced by recycled plastic and wood fiber, which is greatly saving the use of wood, suitable for sustainable development of the national policy and benefit whole community. Products do not contain benzene, lead and other harmful substances, formaldehyde emission is within national standards.

1. Vivid wood grain texture
WPC landscape floor in the dazzling array of products, I believe you can find it at a glance. It exudes personality charm, this personality is not exaggerated self-advertised, but real content is durable, strong and simple. This floor of the vivid wood grain texture, look like wood floor.

2.The material of WPC can be recycled - environment-friendly
Wood plastic composite floor is composed of recycled plastic and wood fiber, which could be produced by extrusion technical after mixing materials. WPC floor has features of good performance and long-life, but we could not deduce that thicker substrate is much better, for the water absorption rate of thicker substrate is much higher, which may cause higher risk of deforming.

3、Various colors can be optional.
Color would affect visual result, cold colors make space larger, and warm colors give a kind of lively feeling. Wpc floor can be make any colors, which could meet various individuation requirement from customer.

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