Affordable Lightweight Composite Material

Affordable lightweight composite material is a hot-melt plastics, including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride adhesives as wood products , use wooden powder such as wood, straw and agricultural plant powder as filler material, through advanced technology and equipment to produce high-tech products,have non-toxic, corrosion proof, sound insulation, weather resistance, aging resistance, can replace high-maintenance home decoration materials in the market. Its main application is:

(1) For Home Decoration

affordable lightweight composite material not have harmful substances, having high strength, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation excellent performance, is the furniture industry, interior decoration industry have widely future, why? currently use a variety of wood panels for interior decoration and paint wood furniture, these products contain formaldehyde and emit toxic gas, causing indoor air pollution, according to experts, a variety of decorative wood materials and furniture with toxic gases, harm the human body.

(2) Used For Pallets

Wood plastic pallet use waste plastic and sawn timber, peanut shells, rice husk and other agricultural fiber as raw material, through a special processing technology, extrusion product ten times stronger than wood performance, which WPC tray is one of the main products. WPC advantages of both wood and plastic pallets, the performance index products with hardwood comparable products, while improving product stiffness and toughness, but the price of the product is superior to other plastic or wood products, and the product 99 % of raw materials for the waste material can be processed into various sizes of pallets can be 100% recycled, and this product is completely fire-retardant, reduce transportation and warehousing, it is ideal for wood products.

Given affordable lightweight composite material advantages, the demand will be growing, so composite products are broad prospects for development.

decoration wpc material product
WPC Material Product Features:

1. Wood decorative effect of good appearance: a natural wood texture, no paint, a natural aromatic wood. Rugged: no moth-eaten, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, temperature resistance, impact resistance, zero formaldehyde, easy to deformation, easy maintenance, long service life.

2. Processing characteristics: with the same secondary processing of wood, can be sawed, planed, fixed with nails or screws.

3. Good shape stability: the size of wood-plastic products will not crack shape, not easy to warp, no wood knots, wrinkles, stains, enzyme spots and other defects.

4. Adjustable performance: can adjust the changes through the formula to change the density of wpc materials, strength and other characteristics, but also can achieve anti-static, flame retardant and other special requirements.

5. recyclable: non-harmful ingredients, can be reused and 100% recycled, environmentally friendly.

Wpc material gradually replace natural wood, wpc material has many advantages of wood products, can be waterproof, moisture-proof, pest control, and has many colors to choose from. High environmental protection, pollution-free, recyclable, and other advantages. The most important thing is, in the resource shortage today, the use of natural wood products can continue to develop long? Faced with such a serious environmental problems, we should restore the solid wood, refused to waste of forest resources!

WPC material  product has so many advantages, and more and more consumers use wpc products to decoration their homes, wpc materials is low-carbon environmental protection will certainly become the mainstream of the future decoration materials!


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